Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Prayers for the victims of Hurricane Katrina

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people victimized by the Hurricane.

Wed. Aug. 31 Play

I lost on Baltimore last night but, I'm on them again tonight.
Chachin has not been well and Chen has improved.
BAL ML +122 for 2 units

1st game of double header WAS/ATL will feature good pitching match up.
Good enough to take the 1st half under.
WAS/ATL UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -112 for 2 units

2nd game fading Thomson. Don't really care if he's pitching at home.
NATS ML +106 for 2 units

The Total lose but, take both sides.
Good news 2-1 +2.52 gain

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tues. Aug. 30 Play

New day will bring new games. These are my views and plays with influence from my friends.

Phillies to the Big Apple and take on NY Mets. Red hot Seo on the mound for the home team sporting 0.89 ERA, undefeated in Aug and he is pitching deep.
Tejeda fell apart in his last start than threw 2 inning no hits in relief against the Giants Aug. 24th. Although Tejeda will likely improve from his last start I don't think it'll be good enough to beat the Mets.
NY METS ML -128 for 3 units

The O's fly into Toronto for the battle of the birds at Rogers Center.
Bush takes the mound for the home team and he blanked the Yanks for 5 innings last time out. But I like Lopez better today as he went 7 innings 0 score against the Angels. Lopez is solid on his outing after 1 run or less.
BAL ML +114 for 2 units

My Total play for today will be my favorite short game.
Solid pitching match up with not so hot bats equal UNDER.
NATS/ATL UNDER 3.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -102 for 3 units

Reds are riding a hot streak and normally I would rather pass than go against a hot streaking team but, this is a situational play with Astros owning the Minute Maid Park advantage, Astros to take this spot is historically huge.
HOU ML -107 for 3 units

Pulling the trigger on this good size dog. This one will be on the short game.
NY Yanks have Chacon, Yanks best buy of the year, going against Harris.
This play is more about fading Chacon in the early going. Yanks could very well come back to take the game but, great value for the First 5 game.
SEA PK FIRST 5 INNINGS +173 for 1 unit

Baltimore let me down and first 5 under was lost with 2 run 5th.
But on the money with the other three including the dog!
3 wins 2 losses. Good news winning day 2.39 units

Monday, August 29, 2005

Mon. Aug. 29 Play

I will make a play on TEX bats slump against CWS.
Mark Buehrle on the hill at Arlington and things will not get any easier for the Rangers tonight.

TEX/CWS UNDER 10 -135 to win 2 units
TEX TEAM SCORE UNDER 4.5 -120 to win 2 units
CWS ML -130 to win 1 unit

CWS RL -1.5 +111 to win 1.11 units

Got slaughtered today. Complete loss 0-4 -7.40 units

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Week Two Wrap Up

Here it is.

8/22 ATL/CHC O 6.5 -130 for 2 units Loss -2.60
STL RL -1.5 -107 for 3 units Win 3.00
HOU ML -135 for 2 units Win 2.00


8/24 OAK/DET U 8.5 -110 for 3 units Loss -3.30

8/25 TOR/NYY U5 F5 -104 for 1 unit Loss -1.04
CWS/MIN U 4 F5 for -112 for 1 unit Win 1.00
NYM/AZD U 4.5 F5 -116 for 1 unit Win 1.00
CLE/TAM U 9 -123 for 1 unit Loss -1.23
COL/LAD O7.5 +117 for 1 unit Win 1.17

8/26 WAS ML +114 for 1 unit Win 1.14
OAK ML -114 for 2 units Win 2.00
CLE/TOR U 9.5 -105 for 3 units Loss -3.15

8/27 NYM/SFG U4 F5 +101 for 2 units Win 2.02
NYN/SFT U 8 -111 for 2 units Win 2.00

8/28 MIN -0.5 F5 for -108 for 2 units Loss -2.16
MIN ML -145 for 2 units Loss -2.90
MIN/TEX U9 -120 for 2 units Win 2.00
TEXAS TEAM U 4 -110 for 2 units Win 2.00

No excuses but, I feel like I was off a bit on week 2 and did not pull the trigger on several dogs that came in.
I will take the small gain on not so good week.
Week 2 result, Good news gain of 2.95 units

Sun. Aug. 28 Play

I will back the Best pitcher in second half. This is his time to blow away the opponents. Twins with Santana vs Rangers with Young.

MIN -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -108 to win 2 units

MIN ML -145 to win 2 units

MIN/TEX UNDER 9 -120 to win 2 units

TEX TEAM TOTAL U 4 -110 to win 2 units

Damm Twins ! 2-2 losing the juice -1.06 units

Be back later with Week Two Wrap up

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sat. Aug. 27 Play

Late again.

NYM at SFG will be the game to play today. Both pitchers in excellent form.
I'd see this game going UNDER.

NYM/SFG UNDER 4 FIRST 5 INNINGS +101 to win 2.02 units
NYM/SFG UNDER 8 -111 to win 2 units

Slow start this week but, finally into the black.
Good news 2-0 with +4.02 units for the day.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fri. Aug. 26 Play

Batis and I have been exchanging plays for awhile.
This is today's result of combined plays.

WAS ML +114 to win 1.14 units

OAK ML -114 to win 2.00 units

CLE/TOR U 9.5 -105 to win 3.00 units

4 runs top of 9th to rob the UNDER, the sweep and big play of the day.

2-1 -0.01 units

Thu. Aug. 25 Play

Sorry I'm late.

I will go with some pitching match ups today.

TOR/NYY U5 F5 -104 to win 1 unit

CWS/MIN U 4 F5 -112 to win 1 unit

NYM/AZD U4.5 F5 -116 to win 1 unit

I'll be back for my views on the choices

Well, two of the games above are after thoughts now but, to sum it up all games listed have strong pitching trend to support the Under.

Chacin for Toronto gave up 4 big runs early but,
he settled and blanked the next 4 frames.
I don't think it was a melt down but, this F5 U was a loser.

CWS/MIN game was right on prediction.

One more game to go.

Here is a addition received from Batis. I will add to todays card.

CLE/TAM U 9 at -123 to win 1 unit
COL/LAD O 7.5 at +117 to win 1.17 units

3 wins and 2 losses, slight gain today 0.90 units

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wed. Aug. 24 Play

Oakland Athletics at Detroit Tigers will feature two very Under pitchers,
Kirk Saarloos vs Jeremy Bonderman, A's pitcher Kirk has O/U record of 3-15.
Jeremy is Tigers top man and will go deep, picked up a win in his last outing after going through tough losses, he has trended Under in Aug.
These two teams have recorded 8-4 Under.

OAK/DET UNDER 8.5 at-110 to win 3 units

Bad day for Jeremy, bad day for me. -3.3 units.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tue. Aug 23 Play

I am going to pass on today's games.
I was close to taking Toronto Blue Jays over Yankess and game to go Under 10.5 or 11 but, I wil hold off today.

Good luck to all.

Looks like my capping senses was on today as Toronto had this game all the way to the bottom of the 9th. Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui was the difference. Game did end Under

Monday, August 22, 2005

Mon. Aug. 22 - Plays

Atlanta Braves at Wrigley Field, Cubs come home from 3-3 road trip and sends
Carlos Zambrano to the mound. He has been sparkling of late with last game 1 run given up in 8 1/3 innings striking out 10 Astros. This guy goes deep consistantly with record of 1.07 ERA in Aug.
Hudson also having excellent Aug. going deep in his outing.

As wonderful as these two pitchers are Total 6.5 with rising OPS, Atlanta has gone Over 8-2-1 and Cubs have gone OVER 6-2

ATL/CUBS OVER 6.5 -130 to win 2 units

St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates. This look like a one sided pitching match up with Mark Mulder owning the Bucs and Josh Fogg owned by the Cards.
I will play the spread on this game.

STL RL -1.5 at -107 to win 3 units

Houston Astros at San Diego Padres.
Oswalt has hit a rough spot giving up 4 runs in his last two outings. I feel a bounce back spot and Astro bats getting to Woody.

HOU ML at -135 to win 2 units

Braves and Cubs in game:
These two pitchers going at it in Chicago are totally sick, nothing but, goose eggs and mowing down batters. Hudson's splitter is just dropping off at the plate.
This game is looking Under at this rate both of these guys could complete the game.
Chipper made the difference for the Braves and made the Total going into the 9th interesting. Just missed but, paid heavy juice for Total play.
Game Ends: 4-2 Braves Loser

Cards and Bucs in game:
I can't believe this, how many hits does it take to bring home the Cards 11 hits 3 runs? How many double plays do they hit into? Bucs still on the heels with 3 hits and 1 run.
That's how it ends.
Game End: 3-1 Cards Winner

Astros and Padres in game
Oswalt pitching out of jams. Woody keeping the Pads in game but, Astros have hit him 9 times and scored 3. Still close.
After Woody exits Rudy Seanez comes in, looking not settled on the mound, gets behind the count on Berkman. Berkman getting the green light with 3-1 count, Taveras on first, hits a 2 run shot "Good bye Rawlings". One more Berkman double to send Biggio home in the 9th.
Game End: 6-2 Astros Winner
ATL/CHI U 6.5 at -130 2 units play Lose -260
STL RL -1.5 at -107 3 units play Win +300
HOU ML at -135 2 units play Win +200

2-1 +2.40 units

Good News Winning Day!

Week Two

Monday will start a new week.
I'd like to make some adjustments this week to make my plays easier to follow.
I'm thinking of cutting out the thought process, especially with early leans not benefiting as plays and I'm not keeping track of early lean results.
I wanted to log it all but, it's just too much stuff to write.

I like to thank Batis and BetCrimes for their comments.
Both are winners and respected cappers active at forum.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Week One Wrap Up

Came out posting on fire than cooled towards the end of week.
Here is my report card for this week.

DateSelection Price Units Result Win/Loss
8/15 Mon. MIL/COL U6 F5 -115 3 Won 300
8/15 Mon. MIL RL -1 -139 2 Loss -278
8/16 Tue. NYY/TAMP U5.5 F5 -111 3 Won 300
8/17 Wed. MIN/CWS U3.5 F5 111 2 Loss -222
MIN/CWS U7.5 -128 2 Won 200
TOR ML +154 2 Won 308
8/18 Thu. SFG/CIN U6 F5 -120 1 Won 100
LAD PK F5 +145 1 Won 145
LAD ML +151 1 Won 151
8/18 Thu.LAD ARL -1.5 +225 0.5 Won 112.5
8/19 Fri. SEA/MIN U5 F5 -118 2 Loss -236
CWS ML +118 1 Loss -100
BOS ML +111 2 Won 222
KCR ML +335 0.5 Loss 50
8/20 Sat. BOS/LAA O9.5 -123 3 Loss -369

8/20 Sat. TOR PK F5 -107 2 Push 0
SEA/MIN U4 F5 -111 2 Won 200
KCR/OAK 0 7.5 -112 1 Loss -112
8/21 Sun. BAL/CLE U4.5 F5 +103 3 Won 309
SFG/STL U4.5 F5 +105 2 Won 210
CHC/COL U6 F5 -101 2 Loss -202

Good news, Gains for this week. 9.885 units

Sun. Play

Saturday selections did not hold up. I will wrap it all up later today.

First game is Baltimore Orioles at Cleveland Indians.
Indians are surging again taking out the O's with momentum sweeping the red hot A's.
These two teams trend Over in their match up with Total usually set between 9 to 9.5 but, here the Total is 8.5 and 4.5 First Half. The line opened with Over bias and price movement agrees to the Over.
I think the pitching will prevail the Under with much improved pitchers on the mound.
Weather condition also points to pitching favor as well as BHP Barksdale is 7-2 Under for his last 9.

UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +103 3 units to win +309

Second game is San Francisco Giants at St. Louis Cardinals.
Here is another good pitching match up with OVER 8.5 getting the money.
Jason has been roughed up but, has pitched well since the All Star break I think he'll bounce back here. Suppan has been excellent with 2.61 ERA in his last 3.
These two clubs trend Under in match up which seems to surprise many.

UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +105 2 units to win +210

Third game is Chicago Cubs at Colorado Rockies.
Maddux going against Rockies best Francis. Francis had a melt down against the Bucs 2 starts ago than improved against the Brewers going 5 innings, took the loss but, looked much better and poised to go 6 innings today. When Total is 11.5 to 12 Francis has gone UNDER 4-1
Maddux has been economical on the road with most given up in the last 10 was 8 hits 5 runs in Atlanta back on July 5th. The other 4 road starts in the last 10 the runs have been 1, 2, 3 and 0.

UNDER 6 FIRST 5 INNINGS -101 to win 2 units

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sat. Play III

I was winning the Blue Jays First Half and Tigers tied them at the bottom of the 5th, what sour luck. Push.

SEA/MIN U4 First Half Winner !!!

Let's take KC/OAK OVER 7.5 at -112 to win 1 unit

Sat. Play II

Santana was masterful and Arroyo kept the Sox in the game.
I had a couple of chances but, todays pitching was too good and I was completely off.

Toronto Blue Jays First Half PK -107 to win 2 units *This one started already

SEA/MIN First Half UNDER 4 at -111 to win 2 units
Good pitching match up.

Sat. Play

Here we go.

I'm taking a selection on Boston/Angels game OVER 9.5
Boston making good contact and line up is hitting. Could not cash in the runs last night but, that was just the signs of things to come today.
Red Sox loves power pitchers, especially young ones that don't know better.
Arroyo should be just as fun for Angels line up, I like to see Arroyo pay if he walks Vladdy. Also note First 5 Innings Total is 5.5, hows that for faith in the Starting Pitchers!

OVER 9.5 -123 to win 3 units

Friday, August 19, 2005

Fri. Results

Irrational exuberance did me in today.
I crossed up the early plays, I should of gone NYY/CWS UNDER 9 and MIN ML.
Took the suckers bet, ended up being the sucker. I'm sure KC will win someday but, it'll be without me backing them.

Boston almost sank my ship but, they pull it out. How many hits they need to get some runs? Red Sox should have 10 runs.

1 - 3 win to loss
-1.64 unit loss today

Plenty of weekend games to cap. I'll get working and be back later.

Fri. Play III

Boston took a 4-13 beating last night. That's the World Champs !
I think they will redeem themselves tonight with Clement.

BOSTON RED SOX ML +111 Selection 2 units to win 222

There is also a suckers bet on the board.
That's the Royals.

KC ROYALS ML +335 Selection 0.5 unit to win 167.5

Friday Play II

Has Garland peaked? Thus the CWS ML +118 Yanks come to the South side of Chicago and Mussina looked good against Texas in his last outing.
I think Garland will be fine and White Sox will bring their best game against the not so polished Yankees.

Chicago White Sox ML +118 Selection 1 unit to win +118

What is a Unit?

This is your play increment. Typical casino exchange for $100 would be 20 $5 chips, your unit play is $5.
In the case with Sportsbook I like to use 1% to 5% of bankroll so my units are not consistant.
For recording purpose this is much easier and anyone following can just use flat increment like $100 per unit.

Fri. Play

Seattle Mariners send Meche against Silva and the Twins.
Meche has been struggling of late giving this match up a Total of 9.
I see Meche's adjustment catching up.
I think the UNDER is a good play and better play is with the First 5 Innings UNDER 5

SEA/MIN FIRST 5 INNINGS UNDER 5 -118 to win 2 units

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thur. Results

Baseball has been very very good today. I even played Angels just like the Dodgers, FIRST 5 INNINGS PK - ML - RL, before going to the game but, didn't have time to post so I'm not recording it.

4 - 0 PERFECTO DAY (7 - 0 *with unrecorded plays)

Record to Date: +10.195 units

I'll clean it up at the end of week #1

Don't be shy leave me some comments, questions, whatever.
I've invited some capping forum posters and my partner will return from vacation soon. I'm hoping to have a Blog ring of strong cappers. I prefer specialists rather than All Sports capper but, I'd like to hear from everyone.

Any NFL, NBA, College Football, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Nascar, Formula, Tennis, Boxing (did I miss anything?) capping experts out there?

Thur. Play

Looking at Los Angeles Dodgers at Turner Field. The price on ML has bounced around.
Braves are very good at home and tonight they go for the series win.
But Jeff Weaver is Atlanta nemesis and Braves backers should beware.
John Thomson has not been all that sharp and seems like all the hits turns to runs.
The juice on Atlanta has dropped from -163 to -154.
I'm keeping my eyes on this line for LA DODGERS ML at +150 or better.


I'm on Dodgers ML +151 Selection for 1 unit to win 1.54 unit
and Dodgers PK FIRST 5 INNINGS +145 for 1 unit to win 1.45 unit
Reaching a bit with Dodgers ARL -1.5 +225 0.5 unit to win 112.5 unit


Good news the UNDER 6 Wins.

I'm going to the Red Sox/Angles game. Be back later.

Thursday Early Play

SFG at CIN, The Great American Ballpark. This place is claiming high scoring games so this game brings the TOTAL of 10.5
OK this series have cashed OVER 2-1 so far with starters getting banged up in the two OVER's. Today the starters are Tomko and Ortiz, either one or both could get lit up. All this sounds good on the surface but, not much happening with the line after opening with UNDER bias.
Pinnacle's moved just a tad towards OVER. What's more interesting is FIRST 5 INNINGS Total is 6, early innings scoring is bit of a overkill here.
Both of these pitchers are much improved and throwing quality starts. They are also showing good ground outs to fly outs ratio keeping the infield busy.

I'll go with FIRST 5 INNINGS UNDER 6 at -120 Selection to win 1 unit

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wed. Play Results

Jays ! MONEY +3.08 !!! Sorry about my math error on the previous post,
+1.54 x 2 = 3.08

Total to Date: +5.08 units

Wed. Night Play II

Got the Jays ML at +154 2 units to make 3.04

Wed. Night Play

MIN/CWS U 3.5 FIRST 5 loss
MIN/CSW U7.5 is looking shaky.
Santana's doing what I expected but, Mark is off my expectation.

Let's go with the Jays over Angels, I'm watching the line.
I thought Angels would dominate this series but, they're having tough time with the Jays. I always liked Towers and he seems to pitching well lately.
It's not that Angels are that bad but, having bad luck. A's failed to win and I don't think Angels will be able to take advantage. This is a feel play.

I'll take it over +150


Looks like I salvaged a split on the two UNDER plays. Still lost the juice.

Thanks for all the comments! I'll be sure to check out all your blogs!

Now let's go Jays!

Wed. Play

I'm short on time with too much to do. I'm not going to rush the selections so I'll stand with my UNDER plays.

Good luck to All.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

MLB Wednesday

I have one game I decided before the opening line, Minnesota Twins with Johan Santana playing at South side of Chicago with Mark Buehrie UNDER UNDER UNDER.
I don't like low numbers but I will make a exception here. Pinnacle is hanging on to Total 7.5 while most others are at 7, the price is -128 but most likely will go to 7 in the morning. I will take the overnight lines for ...
FIRST 5 INNINGS UNDER 3.5 at -111 to win 2 units
UNDER 7.5 at -128 to win 2 units
Santana in August is nasty as hell and Buehrie at home is tough as nails.
Couple that with poor OPS and we have ourselves a very low scoring game.

Now some games that stand out to me.
Texas at Cleveland Over 9.5 [-108]
Nats ML +133
SFG at CIN Under 10 [-117]
ARZ ML +147 or Under 8 [+111]
SDP at FLA Under 8 [-124]
BOS ML -123

Tuesday Plays

When I first looked at today's line last night I had few UNDERS I liked. Dodgers at Braves U 8, Cubs at Astros U8, Twins at White Sox U 8.5, I still like them but, after working on each play my final does not come from the field of leans.

The game today is Yanks with Randy Johnson at Devil Rays with Doug Waechter. Tampa hosting the game so we have controlled dome condition at Tropicana Field. The TOTAL set at 9.5 and the OVER has steadily climbed to -121, but take look at the First Half Total at 5.5 with UNDER at -111 Can the line make the pen any more obvious? Big Unit coming in late season form and Waechter does not give up many runs with ability to consistantly give around 6 innings. I am tempted to take the dog total of UNDER 9.5 at +111 but will stick with the strong play.

FIRST 5 INNINGS UNDER 5.5 at -111 [to win 3 units]

Monday, August 15, 2005

Tuesday Plays

Lines are out. On the quick study Giants with J. Schmidt at Reds with E. Milton showing luring UNDER 9.5 at -110
This line tells me Schmidt will neutralize Reds line up but G-Men bats are not that threatning.
Another is Dodgers with Lowe at Braves with Smoltz UNDER 8 at -111 I kind of like the Dodgers as underdogs on the road. Dodgers are very unpredictable, look at last night against Pedro and the Mets, look at Philly sweep on last road. I may play this on "feel" but will layoff as official play.
The strong play is the UNDER 8 as both of these pitchers are players I would back in mid to late August on forward. I like these two Totals but it's still early so this isn't even a lean yet.

Monday Plays

MIL at COL UNDER 6 FIRST 5 INNINGS [-115] to win 3 units
MIL -1 [-139] to win 2 units

Brewers melt down MIL -1 is a loser. Let's call it +0.22 units for today.

Early Lean

I have a early lean with BREWERS at ROCKIES UNDER 6 FIRST 5 INNINGS with pitchers
B. Sheets and A. Cook The price on this TOTALS is now -116 at Pinnacle and I definately think the chance is higher for the UNDER to cash in the First 5
The game TOTAL stands at 10.5 and O/U both at -105.
I agree with what the line is indicating in that starting pitchers will contain the bats to some degree, it is Coors Field, but into the pen is anybody's guess.