Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fri. Sep. 30 Play

It's crunch time. Days are numbered so take the pickings while you can.
Taking a look at out of contention game with MIL/PIT. Davis and Perez takes the mound respectively. Although Perez often doesn't figure into the games he is good for half game and his pitching is improving. Davis is a quality pitcher who should have a much better W-L record. He goes deep and gives very little.

Sorry for my late posting the price has changed to -120

Thu. Sep. 29 Play

Today we look at the final game of the western division rivals Angels at Oakland. Angels clinched the division two nights ago and BetCrimes slammed the books with Angels resting their regulars last night.
Today Angels ace Colon with very impressive record takes the mound but, he will be on pitch count and his last outing was not so impressive.
A's will counter will Zito who has given the Angels hell this year but, he too is shaky. I think the bats will come to life early in this day game at MacAfee, wasn't it Network something last season?, take the early over.

LAA/OAK OVER 4 FIRST 5 INNINGS -106 for 2 units

it's nice to get paid early 1-0 +2.00 units

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wed. Sep. 28 Play

The WAS/FLA game for tomorrow Loaiza vs Beckett listing is wrong. Take Action on this game and play the books error.
Beckett is being shut down for the season the fish will send Moehler to the mound. Not only is the house of cards built by the Marlins collapsing, Moehler is in bad shape. Marlins slide to continue.

WAS ML +152 for 3 units
This line has changed along with the pitcher -104.

CWS/DET with the big Cuban on the mound for White Sox. Jose is pitching his best game right now but, Sean Douglass is not as hittable as he seems.
Sean has turned his game around and Tigers are playing out their revenge card. White Sox line up does not seem so formidable.

CWS/DET UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -106 for 2 units

I guess the Books dropped the ball on the WAS/FLA game. That wrong line was up for surprisingly long time. Hope many of you took advantage.
White Sox / Tigers game, got it by the hook.

2-0 +6.56 units

Tue. Sep. 27 Play

These are my plays today.

PIT PK FIRST 5 INNINGS +117 for 1 unit

CWS -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -101 for 2 units

TAM/CLE OVER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -109 for 2 units
TAM/CLE OVER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +119 for 1 unit

11 men left on base, Kaz only gives up 1 run in 6 innings. D-Rays score 4 runs in the first half but, not enough killing my big play of the day.
12 men left on base by White Sox. These are bad luck plays.
Pirates was the lone winner thanks to Jason Bay 3 run blast hit timely at top of 5th.
1-3 -4.03 units

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mon. Sep. 26 Play

Moving on to week 7.

You got to love the American League Central. Keeping watch on the front runners I see White Sox pitchers are back on their game. Only few days ago the South Siders looked grim for post season but, now it looks to be up for grabs. Garland is focused and brings to Comerica 3-0 0.35ERA record against the Tigers. Not to underestimate Jason Johnson, winless against the W.Sox for 05', he'll be looking to revenge his losses sporting 2.68ERA at home.

CWS/DET UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -106 for 3 units

Crede homers top of 5th to send this game Over 4.5 His solo shot single handedly snaped my win streak. Funny thing is I checked my wager just minutes ago and the wager was not graded because the listed pitchers when I made the selection was N. Robertson not J. Johnson for the Tigers.
I think many players backed White Sox today and took the loss.
Better luck tomorrow.

0-1 -3.00 units

Week Six Wrap Up

Mon. 9/19
DET -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +104 for 3 units (L) -3.00
TOR PK FIRST 5 INNINGS -123 for 2 units (W) +2.00
1-1 -1.00 unit

Tue. 9/20
LAD PK FIRST 5 INNNGS -104 for 3 units (L) -3.12
LAD -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +127 for 3 units (L) -3.00
STL -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -102 for 2 units (L) -2.04
CHC/MIL UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -110 for 2 units (W) +2.00
1-3 -6.16 units

Wed. 9/21
BAL/NYY UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -115 for 2 units (W) +2.00
1-0 +2.00 units

Thu. 9/22
SFG/WAS UNDER 4 FIRST 5 INNINGS -110 for 3 units (W) +3.00
SEA/TOR OVER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -109 for 3 units (W) +3.00
2-0 +6.00 units

Fri. 9/23
CLE/KCR OVER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -118 for 2 units (W) +2.00
1-0 +2.00 units

Sat. 9/24
HOU/CHC UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -111 for 1 unit (W) +1.00
1-0 +1.00 unit

Sun. 9/25
TOR/NYY UNDER 5.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +102 for 2 units (W) +2.04
1-0 +2.04 units

Week 6
8-4 +5.88 units

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sun. Sep. 25 Play

Yanks are once again hot at the right place and at the right time.
They stumbled on Wright not being right but, I see Wang catching the second wind with his winning ways. Towers have become the workhorse and I do think he'll have a quality outing but, Bombers hitting righties .323
Am I looking at heavy chalk Yankees? No.
I do think Bombers win but, I'll stick with my half game totals.

TOR/NYY UNDER 5.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +102 for 2 units

Bottom of 5th, Yanks on the corners and A-Rod strikes out looking to make this First 5 Innings a winner. 1-0 +2.04 units

Sat. Sep. 24 Play

Celebrating my birthday today with family and friends.
Bit too much going on to concentrate on the games today.
Well, maybe one early game.

HOU/CUBS UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -111 for 1 unit

Hopefully BetCrimes or Batis will make some advise today.

Thanks guys it was a fun day. 1-0 +1.00 unit

Don't put too much into wagerline rankings it just fun picks and I take whatever I like at that time.

The plays are Pinnacle lines and we don't disclose financial but, doing nicely thank you.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fri. Sep. 23 Play

Cleveland staying hot in Kansas City. CC gets the nod with second outing in a week. CC was masterful but, Royals should get better at bat facing the same pitcher in such short span of time. Even with Royals getting some runs it will need several multiple run innings as it is Lima time which means Indians will score.

CLE/KCR OVER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -118 for 2 units

We are three cappers in three continents we can pound the man around the clock 1-0 +2.00 units

Thur. Sep. 22 Play

SFG at WAS Under 4 First 5 Innings -110 for 3 units

I played HOU/PITS Under 8.5 already

Looks like bonanza of Unders today.
Let's add a Over.

SEA at TOR OVER 4.5 First 5 Innings -109 for 3 units

Good news 2-0 +6.00 units. Looking better.
BetCrimes, Nice win on ARZ/LAD Over 8.5

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wed. Sep. 21 Play

Excellent deduction by BetCrimes on LAD/ARZ game last night.

Today I like the pitching match up in Bronx, O's at Yanks.
Lopez has something to prove tonight and RJ to cruise the first half.

BAL/NYY UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNIGS -115 for 2 units

Looks like we all put the hurting on the books today.
1-0 +2.00 units

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tue. Sep. 20 Play

I'm working on few games but, I'm taking this one early.

LAD PK FIRST 5 INNINGS -104 for 3 units
LAD -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +127 for 3 units

Yes the Dodgers did me in little while back but, I'm going to back Lowe he's on a roll. I think LA has a strong edge here.

BetCrimes and I have different view of the Dodgers at Diamond Backs game but, this is what make open forum great. It brings out the style and charcter behind the play. I do share some of the same concern with Dodgers to disappoint in Bank One Ballpark and hopefully I have the early game edge regardless of the outcome.

Second plays.
STL -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -102 for 2 units
I like Suppan to hold his own today. Lines indicate runs.

CHC/MIL UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -110 for 2 units
Good situational play where Under 8.5 has dropped to 8 on the over night.

Good luck players

1-3 -6.16 units

Mon. Sep. 19 Play

All the comments and support have been very inspirational.
I'm working on a new project here in Chicago and will be continuing long hours but, there are some advantage to being in the Windy city shared by Wrigley Field and
U.S. Cellular Field. I'll be sure to catch one of the game between Indians and White Sox, lower box seats on third base side at $65, not a bad deal.

This is my take today.

DET -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +104 for 3 units

Tigers have been losing but, look closely as they have battled in these games.
Bonderman progressing back to form. Look for early scoring to hold 5 innings.

TOR PK FIRST 5 INNINGS -123 for 2 units
Moyer could not hold 6 run lead in last outing and his stuff has been off.
Downs in good form, look for him to go 6 solid innings.

1-1 today but, loser was for 3 units making it -1 unit.
Bonderman is a enigma to me it's easier to move on to better capping games.
Jays proved to be a good half game play as they blew it in the 9th.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Week Five Wrap Up

Small set back, No worries BetCrime. I'm finally settled in.
Let's take a look at the damage from week five.

Mon. 9/12 No Play

Tue. 9/13
MIL ML +103 for 1 unit (W) +1.03
MIN ML -107 for 3 units (W) +3.00
OAK ML +149 for 2 units (L) -2.00
2-1 +2.03

Wed. 9/14
PIT/STL UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -109 for 2 units (W) +2.00
HOU ML -138 for 3 units (W) +3.00
2-0 +5.00

Thur. 9/15
CWS/KCR UNDER 9 -129 for 2 units (L) -2.58
OAK/BOS UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +113 for 3 units (W) +3.39
1-1 +0.81

Fri. 9/16
LAA RL -2 +140 for 2 units (L) -2.00
0-1 -2.00

Sat. 9/17
COL/ARZ UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +100 for 3 units (L) -3.00
KCR/CLE UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -110 for 2 units (L) -2.00
0-2 -5.00

Sun. 9/18
Travel Day. No Play.

Total Gain +0.84

Stupid me, I was too quick to accept the imaginary loss.
Must of been a brain freeze from working too much.

ESPN Sunday Night Play

- Wind blowing in from center at 13 mph

- Ump is 17-10 in favour of Under

- Beckett 3-1 to the Under last 4 @home

- Brito is 2-1 to the Under in his starts - his only Over result saw Philly score 3 in the 9th to force extra innings that made for that Over, otherwise hes 3-0 to the Under.

- For the 4th time this season Philly has recorded 4 straight Overs - they haven't recorded 5 straight yet.

- ESPN Sunday Night baseball has gone 5 games without an Under result, its longest stretch w/out one this season.

- The only 2 occasions previously this season Philly has scored 18+ combined runs over consecutive games and then played a road game, they are 2-0 to the Under.

- Philly & Florida have produced 10 Over results & 1 Push in their last 11 meetings. Get the feeling its rather easy to take Over again here?

I'm taking Under 7.5 in a game Florida has to have, and with their bats not swinging well and the injuries they have, if they are to win it will have to be through Beckett holding down Philly. Philly ran out of gas trying to sweep the Braves in 4, and that was at home - trying to sweep the Marlins in 3 on the road, I'm expecting that to be a bridge too far.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sat. Sep 17 Play

Things are not going well this week. I'm overloaded at work and I've put in 90+ hours which is really cutting into my capping time.

I'll take two Half game totals today.

COL/ARZ UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +100 for 3 units

KCR/CLE UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -110 for 2 units

I took these late last night.

Wise words from BetCrimes. I do require time to analyze these games and the level of plays have fallen below acceptable taking 0-2 with loss of -5.20 units.
I will take the day off tomorrow as I am traveling to Chicago. I will take the loss for this week, first time since I've started this blog, as no matter how much experience and skill one can posses nobody is bigger than the game for the object of this game is to maximize opportunities and minimize the losses. Every execution should result from full assessment of risk which is to analyze every detail possible. Everybody is given the same options, know when to pass.

I will be back on Sunday evening with the wrap up.

I'm also a big fan of NHL and NBA. I've tracked the on goings at NBA Summer league and NHL Rookie camp & Training camp. I'm considering blogs on both as there will be many opportunities to rack up some gains.

Wish all players the best of luck and have a winning Sunday.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fri. Sep 16 Play

All day meeting killed my day of capping. I'm taking the que from BetCrimes.
Angles RL -2 +140 for 2 units

This was just a flat bad pick. 0-1 -2.00 units

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thur. Sep. 15 Play

I have a early game total from Batis.

CWS/KCR UNDER 9 -129 for 2 units

Sorry, missed this by 4 min. already started

I guess the first game being late was a good thing. No harm no foul.

Let's take a look at the contenders match up OAK/BOS.
What a must see game as the post season is around the corner.
Mid September and Schilling is back as a starter where he should be.
I expect nothing less than vintage Curt tonight.
On the other side Blanton, this guy will go 6 or 7 innings consistantly and not give up runs. Even better with Red Sox never facing Joe. Now these teams always battle with their bats and rarely go Under but, that's what I'll be backing.
This game to result against the over trend.

UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +113 for 3 units

The first game total didn't make it in time but, I will count it since it got posted.
1-1 +0.81

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wed. Sep 14 Play

It's getting cooler every day, autumn is in the air.

I will go with the half game angle on this early game.
PIT/STL UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -109 for 2 units
The Bucs are coming on strong and Perez will be the key. He looked pretty good in his last outing. Jason is probably the best in Cards rotation and though there is a good chance he might lose the edge runs will not come early.

With a help from Batis second game for today.
HOU ML -138 for 3 units
Roger owns the fish and I expect him to fully recover from the last bad outing.
Clemens mother passed away today and this win will be for her.
He will not fail.

I was bit rattled with Perez ejection but, this Under play worked out.
Houston rolled, another winning day 2-0 +5.00 units

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tue. Sep. 13 Play

I will play these today.

MIL ML +103 for 1 unit
Backing Capauno to continue his winning way.

MIN ML -107 for 3 units
Radke owns the Tigers.

OAK ML +149 for 2 units
Like the A's on the road as dogs.

Ben Broussard makes the error but, scores 5 RBI's. Cleveland come from behind to rob my perfecto. Twins win and Brew Crew win
2-1 +2.03 units

Monday, September 12, 2005

Missed Mon. Sep 12 Play

Due to technical difficulties beyond my control.
There was a power outage and missed my window.

Be back later with my Tuesday plays.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Week Four Wrap Up

The Books have taken an hit, they will read this and weep.
They'll need to make it up on football with all the squares.

CHC/STL UNDER 8.5 AT -106 X 1 (L) -1.06
TEX/MIN UNDER 9 AT -129 X 1 (W) +1.00
LOSS -0.06

TAM -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS AT +349 X 1 (L) -1.00
COL/SDP OVER 7.5 AT -113 X 2 (W) +2.00
GAIN +3.00

ARZ ML AT -115 X 3 (W) +3.00
GAIN +5.00

TAM/NYY UNDER 6 FIRST 5 INNINGS -128 X 3 (W) +3.00
TAM -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS AT +220 X 1 (W) +2.20
TAM ML +199 X 1 (W) +1.99
GAIN +7.19

NYM/STL UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -107 X 3 (W) +3.00
LAA/CWS UNDER 4.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS -116 X 2 (L) -2.32
GAIN +0.68

OAK/TEX UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +104 X 3 (L) -3.12
TOR ML +114 X 2 (W) +2.28
BAL PK FIRST 5 INNINGS +103 X 2 (W) +2.06
BAL ML +104 X 2 (W) +2.08
GAIN +3.30

NYM PK FIRST 5 INNINGS -101 X 2 (W) +2.00
NYM ML -103 X 2 (W) +2.00
GAIN +4.00

WEEK 4 GAIN +23.17 units

Winning it is twice as sweet as earning it.

Sun. Sep. 11 Play

What a glorious week this has been.
Let's close it out on a winning note!

NYM at STL. Mets have that sinking feeling but, on this Sunday Pedro will take the mound and I will back him facing the winningest team in MLB. Cards pitcher Morris has lost his form and I expect the Mets to take full advantage.

NYM PK FIRST HALF at -101 for 2 units

NYM ML at -103 for 2 units

Good luck

To my Friends, Good news 2-0 perfecto +4.00 units

I'll be back with this week's wrap up

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sat. Sep 9 Play

Friday turned low total numbers, in what looked like a pitching duel, into easy overs. Late games turned Under but, premier pitching match ups took an different turn.

Today I will go with OAK/TEX game with public money going to Over 9 and Over 5 first half. Fade the public on the First Half game.
Late game runs have become common occurance with these two teams so I think the better bet is the First Half with Pitchers showing low run numbers.

OAK/TEX UNDER 5 FIRST 5 INNINGS for +104 at 3 units

Adding TOR ML +114 for 2 units
Batis pointed this out. Looks like a good spot for the Blue Jays to have a big game.

Adding BAL PK FIRST 5 INNINGS +103 for 2 units
BAL ML +104 for 2 units

Damm Loe, I wouldn't of mind him giving up a homer but, a grand slam in the 2nd !? only to blank all other frames up to 5th? Had to vent a little on that one.

Good news, another gain 3-1 +3.42 units

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fri. Sep. 9 Play

I will be busy again so here are the early bird specials.

at -107 for 3 units

Seo is still one of the hottest pitcher in NL since the All Star and Jason Marquis is coming to late season form. Jason on a roll is very tough to derail

at -116 for 2 units

I would make this a 3 unit play if this play was not such an obvious pick.
I don't believe in gifts and took this over MIN/CLE under 3.5 F5 play.
Washburn can have command issues and Mark Buehrle's had his ups and downs but, these are contending teams in September trending Under. Should be a pitching duel.

Ahh, the obvious winner is the loser. Looking back and reading the loser pick I sound like I didn't like it in the first place.
Progression continues 1-1 +0.68 units.

Thur. Sep. 8 Play

I thought I was going to miss my deadline today.

These are my the plays I will be backing.

TAM/NYY U6 FIRST 5 INNINGS -128 3 units
Hendrickson has been solid of late and Wang coming off DL has been doing well in recovery. This game has that late season feel with Yanks fighting for post season and D-Rays playing strong against the Yanks, runs will not be easy today and this number is just too high. Full game total at 10 at even money is also worth a shot.

TAM ML +199 for 1 unit
TAM -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +220 for 1 unit
Might be a bit of a reach but, I'm playing house money and worth the price with Wang, who has been hit by the D-Rays.
I know the sharps have been playing the Rays every game of this series and I can't argue when the lines are so inflated.

Watch Out! Clutch is dialed in and war chest is growing! 3-0 +7.19 units

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wed. Sep. 7 Play

I will be going out of town early tomorrow so here is my play.

ARZ ML -115 for 3 units
Fade Redman, he has not shown any consistency. OK, Webb's sliding too but, he bounces back much better after a bad outing. He should have confidence with 1.98ERA against the Bucs.

NYM/ATL UNDER 4 FIRST 5 INNGS -115 for 2 units
Good pitching match up.

2-0 +5.00

Monday, September 05, 2005

Tue. Sep. 6 Play

I'm taking couple of picks early

HOU/PHL UNDER 4 FIRST 5 INNINGS -108 Ffor 2 units
I'm back on Oswalt to dominate. Did you know he has a new compact delivery? Last time out I tried to fade him and he came out throwing strikes. Houston strength is the starting pitchers, specifically Pettitte, Clemens and Oswalt, these three will have strong showing in September. Now Phils are not going to give up here with Lieber coming on strong. He will keep this close. I think Astros are going to edge this game but, I like the First Half Under better.

TAM -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +349 for 1 unit
Another Half game bet with two pitchers going different directions. Big Unit was outstanding in his last outing and Casey got hit all over the place. This adds extra value to already inflated Yankees money combine that with giving up -0.5 in the 1st half make this play the SuperDog variety. Randy is good, especially in late season but, his last outing was too good and I expect him to be a little softer. Fossum on the other side has the stuff to give hitters hell, I will take a chance for him bring his game against the Big Unit and the Bombers.
Rays are 9-4 against the Bombers 4-2 on the road.

Good luck

Well, I'm going to add one late game.
COL/SDP OVER 7.5 -113 for 2 units.

I guess some readers are saying "Clutch you screwed up, the Devil Rays play was money line all the way"
It was either or selection for me and since I didn't want to give up -1.5 runs the First Half held the better value -0.5 against Johnson rather than Rivera.
I did think about taking TAMP ML too but, on the big dog I'll pick one angle to take the shot. I basically covered the risk of losing this pick with my
HOU/PHL U F5 and late addition of COL/SDP O 7.5 makes today a nice winning day with a nice try on a big dog!
2-1 +3.00 units

Mon. Sep. 5 Play

Relaxing on Labor day. Batis did all the work and many are already in play.
This is what I have remaining.

CUBS/CARDS U 8.5 -106 1 unit

TEX/MIN U 9 -129 1 unit

I'll post all his plays on "Good Plays"

1-1 small loss on juice 0.06 unit. Please come back to check the play for Tuesday.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Week Three Wrap Up

Started the 3rd week by putting myself in a hole but, at the end of Sunday
The MLB Fund still making money!

TEX/CWS U10 -135 X 2 Loss -270
TEX TEAM U4.5 -120 X 2 Loss -240
CWS ML -130 X 1 Loss -130
CWS RL -1.5 X Loss -100
Total Loss -740

NYM ML -128 X 3 Win +300
BAL ML +114 X 2 Loss -200
WAS/ATL U3.5 F5 -102 X 3 Loss -306
HOU ML -107 X 3 Win +300
SEA PK F5 +173 X 1 WIN +173
Total Gain +267

BAL ML +122 X 2 WIN +244
WAS/ATL U4.5 F5 -112 X 2 Loss -224
WAS ML +106 X 2 Win +212
Total Gain +232

TAM ML +194 X 1 Loss -100
TAM/BOS U11 +103 X 2 Push
TEX/KCR U9.5 -123 X 1 Win +100
CIN ML +146 X 1 Loss -100
Total Loss -100

CUBS PK F5 -110 X 2 Win +200
NYY/OAK U9.5 -116 X 1 Loss -116
SFG ML -109 X 3 Win +300
SFG/ARZ U8 -120 X 1 Loss -120
LAD ML -114 X 3 Loss -342
LAD RL -1.5 +138 X 1 Loss -100
Total Loss -178

CLE/MIN U3.5 F5 -114 X 3 Win +300
TAM -0.5 F5 +185 X 1.5 Win +277.5
Total Gain +577.5

DET/CWS U9 -105 X 3 Win +300
Total Gain +300

Good News, gain of 3.585 units

Sun. Sep. 4 Play

DET/CWS (Garland vs Bonderman)
I know both of these pitchers have been losing and giving up hits but, I see some reasoning behind their shaky outing.
Bonderman was hit in the wrist by a come backer 2 outings ago and I think that effected his last outing. He says he's fine and I think he'll adjust tomorrow against the White Sox.
Garland just had a poor outing making bad pitches, he too is physically fine and I expect him to return to form.

Beware of backing White Sox in this spot. Trend line I track likes Tigers to upset.

It will come down to this play for me Sunday to make or break week 3.
DET/CWS U9 -105 for 3 units

End the week with a winning play! 1-0 +3.00 units

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sat. Sep. 3 Play

I've locked in some plays already.

The Indians send Milwood to the mound who went complete game giving up only 2 runs to take the tough luck loss. Milwood has been solid lately.
Santana was outstanding but, he too ended on the losing end of 2-1 game.
CLE/MIN U 3.5 -114 for 3 units

The D-Rays seems to come up short on 4 game losing streak but, looking at these losses they have been money for the First 5 innings and still holding good value.
TAMPA -0.5 FIRST 5 INNINGS +185 for 1.5 units

Made some progress today by slamming the books 2-0 for gain of 5.775 units

Friday, September 02, 2005

Fri. Sep. 2 Play

My man Batis is on METS +1.5 I originally thought UNDER with these two pitchers but, METS to win here might not be a bad choice. I see D-Train having a short to medium outing today, which means out by 6th.

These are in play.

CHC/PIT game. Fading Fogg, he is half the pitcher he was last season.
Expect early run support for Maddux. I don't think either of these pitcher will go the distance.
CUBS PK FIRST 5 INNINGS -110 for 2 units

Playing the Under trend which has been hurting me lately. Keep it small.
NYY/OAK U 9.5 -116 for 1 unit

SFG/ARZ game. Jason getting back to late season form. Webb looks better but, not good enough.
SFG ML -109 for 3 units
SFG/ARZ UNDER 8 -120 for 1 unit

LAD/COL game. Weaver is a workhorse. Dodgers should play for contact against Kim.
LAD ML -114 for 3 units
LAD RL -1.5 +138 for 1 unit

Good luck

Negative day with loss of -1.63 units

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thur. Sep. 1 Play

New month and the days are numbered.
Let's make the most of it.

Batis provided interesting angles for TAM/BOS and I agree.

TAMP ML +194 for 1 unit

TAM/BOS UNDER 11 +103 2 units

Situational play with strong trend to Under.
TEX/KCR UNDER 9.5 -123 1 unit

Fading Oswalt, he is not well right now and Harang is much improved.
CIN ML +146 1 unit

1 win 2 losses 1 push -1.00 unit