Saturday, February 09, 2008

MLB Spring Training Camp

It's that time of the year! Pitchers and Catchers will first report in and I'm getting ready to make my annual migration to Phoenix, AZ. I know it's way too early with Basketball and Hockey (Ice picks have got away for most part) going on strong and that's fine. I just like the feel of crisp mornings with fast rising sun, the smell of cut grass and the sound of ball in glove. It's all good baby and I'll get to catch some Phoenix Suns basketball with Old Man Shaq back to the West.

Phoenix sure has changed over the years. Peoria Sports Complex was surrounded by Desert now it's packed with homes. I know it's one of the hard hit area for sub prime mortgage and the way US economy is headed it'll get worse before getting better I'm interested in checking it out for myself. Stay tuned as I will be making my calls.