Tuesday, September 30, 2008


1-0 last selection. YTD 86-65-2 +41.98 units

Win on Zona was my last posted selection for the regular season. Had some rough spots toward the end, but I'm happy with the season. White Sox had a nice finish too, but keep in mind the tough wins weren't all that tough and both came at home. Something about Chicago not just White Sox, but Cubs too even though they tapered towards the end that home field looks mighty strong.

Let's get this party started right.
Milwaukee Brewers at Philadelphia Phillies.
Taking the veteran Cole in a RL. Siding with the odds makers.

PHL -1.5 at +104 for 1 unit(W)

Winner winner chicken dinner.
1-0 +1.04 units

Monday, September 22, 2008

MLB Monday

0-1 last selection. YTD 85-65-2 +40.98 units

Brandon Webb and the Arizona diamondbacks are in hunt for October. 21 game winner Webb hit a rough patch losing three in a row from 8/26, 8/31 & 9/6, but that's behind him coming back strong the following two games with 15 innings 13 hits 2 ER both winners. Away record 10-5, team record 10-7 with excellent 1.14 WHIP coming into St Louis in a spot to improve.
Todd Wellemeyer has done well for the Cards with 12-8, but team record 14-16 means Cards have not done their part when Todd does not factor into the game. He is also posting better numbers on the road too bad this one is at home. Loser of 4 out of last 5 while pitching quality or near quality starts as 4 out of last 5 has also gone Under.

ARIZONA -120 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.00 unit

Sunday, September 21, 2008

MLB Sunday

0-2 last selection. YTD 85-65-2 +41.98 units

Tonight is a historical night as Yankee Stadium, the 3rd oldest of current active ball parks, will close it's doors after tonight's home stand against Baltimore. Andy Pettite getting the ball is appropriate and there seems to be no doubt about Yankees taking this game. Consensus +70% are laying the thick chalk so the alternative is to look at the Run Line? To be clear Pettite comes in pitching 4 non-quality starts out of last 5, lone quality start was still a loser making all of last 5 starts team losses. Yanks are 1-9 in Andy's last 10 starts his home record is much worse than on the road 5-8 with team record 6-10. Still Andy is not all to blame as Yanks bats scored no more than 3 runs in any of those 5 straight losers total of 10 runs in 5 games. That's also adding to his huge Under bias O/U 9-23
Chris Waters barely got his feet wet with 53 innings, but coming off a shut out of Blue Jays.
I don't see that as a good sign as Waters got rung by Texas back in August after shutting down the Angels for 8 innings. He has followed a quality start with a stinker twice in his 9 starts. O's do back up Waters on the road and team is 3-1.
I think Yanks will take the game, but expect O's to give them a game. Don't be surprised if O's take the lead going into late inning only to have it slip away.

BALTIMORE +1.5 at +112 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.00 unit

Saturday, September 20, 2008

MLB Saturday

0-1 last selection. YTD 85-63-2 +43.98 units

Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians. Featuring Justin Verlander against Jeremy Sowers. Both pitchers with losing season and both pitchers will be throwing to the strong side of respective clubs. The total has been set on the high side at 10 and Jeremy is pitching Under at home in a spot to improve from his last outing. Justin also pitching Under away, but more due to Tigers lack of scoring. That may not be the case today as Verlander is improving.

TIGERS +100 for 1 unit(L)
OVER 10 +101 for 1 unit(L)

0-2 -2.00 units

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MLB Thursday

1-0 last selection. YTD 85-62-2 +44.98 units

Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs. Chicago sending their big gun Rich Harden and he's been all that. But far as Bush and the Brewers being done for 2008 is a premature public perception.
Brew crew still in the hunt and Cubbies are not in best form heading into post season. Play the road dog with backs against the wall.

BREWERS +216 for 1 unit(L)

99 times out of 100 we win with 4 run cushon in the 9th. All I can say is WTF!
0-1 -1.00 unit

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MLB Tuesday

1-0 last selection. YTD 84-62-2 +43.81 units

Odalis Perez 6-10, 12 quality starts 4.48 ERA, 1.52 WHIP. His record does not give you much indication, but to fade him more times than not. His home record less than on the road, but Washington has managed to have 8-6 winning record. That bit of information maybe a cause for further investigation. Perez has been durable this year with 27 games and though he has 11 ND Nats have pulled out 6-5 in those situations. Out of those ND at home the record is 6-1. Odalis coming off a 3 inning stinker at New York Mets and he is in a bounce back spot at home facing the Mets again. Another important point is the Under which is a stand out O/U 3-11 Odalis at home. Don't worry about Mets with Mike they're facing the lowest scoring team in MLB.

UNDER 9 at +117 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.17 units

Monday, September 15, 2008

MLB Monday

1-0 last selection. YTD 83-62-2 +42.69 units

Game time. Here it is for AL East Boston at Tampa Bay. One of the best home team taking on one of the winning est pitcher in 2008. Home team pitching is also one tough dude, Kazmir, and this match up should be a good one. I'm going to boil it down to this "who the new boss? same as the old boss" It late season and Red Sox are showing it. That's what I'm playing with Dice-K on the mound.

BOSTON +112 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.12 units

Sunday, September 14, 2008

MLB Sunday

0-1 last selection. YTD 82-62-2 +41.69 units

The Hurricane has altered the course of things to come. I'm referring to Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros. The damage was not that bad, but this game has been moved to Miller park.
There are interesting changes to how the pitchers will fare. Zambrano is not in his best form and has more than his share of non-quality starts, but he does hold his own on the road. That might not been good enough with Randy Wolfe pitching strong, very strong at home, but no so away from Minute Maid. His recent form has him pitching well away and home, but one place that has given Randy problems is Miller Park. While Zambrano doesn't mind the cozy confines of Miller Randy will have those bad flash backs. Go with Cubs.

CHICAGO CUBS -114 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.00 unit

Saturday, September 13, 2008

MLB Saturday

1-0 last selection. YTD 82-61-2 +42.69 units

Back to the grind. Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox Game 2.

Yes, I like the Blue Jays in Game 1 with A.J. and in Game 2 it's more about going against Colon.

Keep your eyes on 1st game to see what pitchers get used.

TORONTO +123 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.00 unit

Friday, September 12, 2008

MLB Thursday

Coming off a No Play. YTD 81-61-2 +41.46 units
This Matchbook payout delay is getting way beyond reasonable and I'm not playing their exchange. They have lost my trust and that's all they have. The writings are on the wall jjust curise the internet and you wind the same talk. People are not saying their funds are low, but who's to say it's not and that's the first thought that comes to my mind.

Take Texas on the road against Oakland

TEX +123 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.23 units

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

MLB Tuesday

Wow September 9th already. 0-1 in last selection. YTD 81-61-2 +41.46 units

I'm having issues with MatchBook exchange and it's really putting a damper on capping my games and getting info published. I like to think it's a isolated incident, but they are just dragging to resolve it and it's getting on my nerves. I will make noise if this keeps up.
Like I tell anyone who listen, keep multiple books and limit exposure because if any of these books go belly up you'll end up holding a empty bag. It doesn't matter how cheap they sell it if it doesn't work. When the exodus starts it will be swift.

I'd advise having 3 Off Shore accounts without affiliation. You can get more, but any less makes it really hard to get competitive rates and if you go more than 5 accounts you better be good at organizing. I'm not as close with Pinnacle Sports since they pulled out of U.S. , but they are still the top book around. I'm also going to give good house seal to BookMaker they are the open line where you can gauge the market and play'em big. Another choice is Greek or Bet Jamaica, they are affiliated, Both very good and for MLB Bet Jamaica has competitive lines, bonus programs and great BetJamaica transfer card allowing to pull money from ATM. Do your own research and don't forget to look at Sportsbook Review.

Friday, September 05, 2008

MLB Friday

0-1 last selection. YTD 81-60-2 +42.46 units
L.A. Angels at Chicago White Sox.
Top road team take one the toughest home team in AL. White Sox sending Ace Burlie against call up Dustin Mosely. Burlie is tough at home, but the Halos have hit him well and Mosely can keep this in striking range. Taking the good price on Angels and they are still rolling.

LAA +154 at 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.00 unit

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

MLB Wednesday

1-1 last selection with small profit. YTD 81-59-2 +43.46 units

New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays in game two of series.
Game 1 NYY 7-2 Mussina 3rd straight win against the Rays went 6 innings scattering 1 allowing 2 runs.

Garza was not on his game, but Rays were sloppy too, with 5 innings 5 hits 6 runs 4 earned.

NYY improved to 8-5 against the Rays. Marte pitched facing 2 and Chamberlin faced 1 in 8th and Giese finished the 9th for NYY.

Miller pitched 2 innings 2 hits no run, Hammel pitched 1 inning 2 hits 1 run (HR) and Salas gave nothing with 2 K'sin the 9th.

Tonight Yankees send Carl Pavano only his 3rd start since coming back from DL. He has pitched 16 innings in 2 starts 163 pitches and has 2 wins to show for it with 3.27 ERA. He's return is looking pretty good and he only threw 72 pitches last outing. He come in on a spot to decline in quality on the road, but still might be tough to beat.

Edwin Jackson gets the call for to tie up this series and he comes in hot winning 6 of last 7 with 5 quality start close to all 7 starts being quality with 2.59 ERA in this stretch.

Game 1 looked like it wanted to go Over as it threatened with 12 hits by the Rays and 9 by the Yankees and that tone will carry over to game 2, but speculating Jackson can stay on his game I like the Under to cash. Edwin and Rays have been tough on division rivals with Under games having advantage, 4-8. Home games O/U 5-8.

NNY/TAMP UNDER 9.5 at +105 for 1 unit(L)
The play did speculate Jackson having a quality game which he did not.
Still cappers on Over was sweating it as the Under was holding by the hook in 8th inning and A-Rod homer in the 9th was the first MLB replay used to uphold the call.
0-1 -1.00 unit

MLB Tuesday

1-1 last selection with small profit. YTD 80-58-2 +43.24 units

September baseball and contenders are going to battle it out. Toronto is making their stand in 2nd half with excellent pitching. David Purcey is showing his potential with his game improving. Coming off 8 innings 5 hits 1 ER with 11 K's no walk tough loss at Tampa the kid is fast riser known for his good K to BB ratio. All looks in place for Blue Jays to get in striking distance, but the Twins are in the late season race too. Minny will send their top money pitcher Perkins to the mound and he's shown consistent results home or away. Coming off 7 innings 8 hits 4 ER at Seattle. Glen eating innings Twins also eating Lefties and play their best after a day of rest.

TWINS +100 for 1 unit(L)
Could not hold 5-1 lead chasing Purcey out and Twins pen blow this game.

Yankees maybe out and Rays look in, but Yanks are about the only team in American League to have a winning season against the Rays. Tampa just about unbeatable at the Trop and they will send Garza, 11-7 with 3.53 ERA, he's pitched 23 innings in last 3 starts and given up only 4 runs. Still I like Yankees with their top money pitcher Mike Mussina. Got his 16th win last start against the Royals and he has been especially good against the Rays.

YANKEES +122 for 1 unit(W)
Moose does it like nobody can.

1-1 +0.22 units

Monday, September 01, 2008

MLB Monday

0-1 last selection. YTD 79-57-2 +42.59 units

Good Labor day to all. Enjoy your extra day off and maybe take in a Baseball game.
Phillies are in Washington today. How about them Nats? Showing some effort and getting results. They're giving the ball to Redding and he is 9-8 with team record 18-10. Nats win 4 times as much when Redding is on the job. He is coming off a win against the Dodgers which was no walk in the park. Red at home Nats are 10-5 with less than 50% quality indicating Washington bats gave him enough, but today with NL East power house Phillies that maybe a tall order. Kyle Kendricks on the mound for Phillies have not been going deep and August starts are forgettable, but Phillies 10-4 away and 11-6 as favorite with Kyle. Phillies are starting to play better and Nats are capable of heading south anytime.
Backing the road favorite contending for division in September.

PHL -135 for 1 unit(L)

Adding Baltimore O's at Boston Red Sox
Olson coming off the bull pen and getting a start, but he has been a bust and Red Sox are knocking out lefties. 3 quality starts out of 12 road games is not going to cut at Fenway.
Paul Byrd pitching quality games and looks in form for late season run.

BOSTON -1.5 at -103 for 2 units(W)

1-1 +0.65 units