Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NLCS Game #4

Freeway World Series? That notion is melting like ice on scotch. Is there any flicker, any sign at all for one of these L.A. team to keep playing? I'd like to think so Dodgers are due up, do or die, with their best post season pitcher Vicente Padilla. He's pitching aggressive staying ahead and winning games. Dodgers have won all three October starts last game Vicente went toe to toe with Pedro for 7 inning 4 hit 1 run ND. 4 quality start out of last 7 with 4-0 record Dodgers have won 6-1. Cole Hamel stopped his losses against the Dodgers, but it wasn't like cutting butter. He gave up 2 HRs going 5.3 inning 8 hits 4 runs. Cole has only 2 quality start out of last 7 with record of 3-3, Phillies have 3-4 record. So Dodgers have a shot here! They were right there in last game they will sent this series back to L.A....I'd like to think so, but I ain't playing that. I will go against the losing team coming off a blown save playing on the road. Head to head match up in Philadelphia in recent season is undisputable and Phillies have got to the Dodgers twice, when their starting pitcher was rocked and when trailing late. I'd say there's good chance this comes to finish in the city of Brotherly Love. The consideration for possible elimination and strength of Padilla's road start will go to the Under.

PHL -136

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