Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MLB Tuesday

Oakland A's at Baltimore O's
Are you fading Baltimore automatically? It's working out and you plan to ride on, well good for you! Athletics are in town after sweeping the Giants in inter league series and the A's put on a pitching clink allowing 1 run in 27 innings with 3 starters eating 20 of those innings. Meanwhile O's went to DC and dropped 2 out of 3 Baltimore did make it interesting with 2 losses coming at 1 run difference, but still losses on the moneyline. So if your on the Baltimore "F" train you must be feeling alright after all it's house money at this point. What might be puzzling at this late hour is why is moneylne price come out nearly even on Baltimore? Even favoring them at one point before returning? If you asked yourself this question you may realize the nature of Oakland exceeding 3 wins in a row is a low percentage play. On the road makes it tougher. Also today's starter for the A's, Dallas Braden who has shown Major league skills with 7 quality starts out of 9, has been bit erratic on the road. Orioles will go with Jeremy Guthrie. He too has been pitching well with 7 quality starts out of 9, but difference is Guthrie showing better stability on all outing and his home starts brings outstanding 0.92 WHIP. His record is deceiving 2-4 and team record should be better than 2-7. Good spot for Jeremy and the O's to win one in Camden.

BALTIMORE ORIOLES +104 for 1 unit(W)

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