Monday, May 10, 2010

Tuesday MLB

Seattle Mariners at Baltimore Orioles
Looking at two early division lagers Mariners are the obviously in better position at 6 games behind the AL West leader Texas. Most would agree Seattle will have better product on field not even getting into pitching. Baltimore is clawing from the bottom depths of AL East which arguably is considered the toughest in Baseball, but 9-23 and 12.5 behind Tampa is truly looking disastrous. Now take the pitching match up with Cliff Lee getting the ball for Seattle.
He's got two starts so far already threw 7innings then 8innings looking very much like the work horse he is. O's counter with David Hernandez, the guy who was knocked out by the Yanks in last outing, he is 0-4. There's not too much to dig here? I do happen to have a wrench with O birds showing life, which might be short lived, but Mariners still on down trend playing on the road. Isn't that like a double negative. Watching this line a bit see what takes shape. (+137 as of this writing)

Little after lunch on game day and I read the movement correctly. Public has been pushing Seattle all day. Baltimore has improved nicely for those who waited. Playing the weak team on road fade angle.

BALTIMORE +152 for 1 unit(L)

I tell you this continue to fade Mariners for remainder of series.

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