Monday, June 14, 2010

MLB Tuesday

Los Angeles Dodgers at Cincinnati Reds

L.A. dropped 3 in a row, at home, to their cross town rivals and they are looking for some relief. Relief in Great American Ballpark is not a bad thought. Dodgers have been kicking Reds around for some time and last time these two pitchers met back in April 6-14 Dodgers blow out at Great American Ballpark. Harang has tough time with L.A. and Hiroki Kuroda is one of the Dodgers top money pitcher with Dodgers taking 8-4. All that and Dodgers are only -115, what do you say? A good bounce back spot after a three game loss by L.A a team with 36-27 record and with a day off. Both are bad situation with negative stats for L.A. and though L.A. does hold edge over past record Reds are very similar this season at 36-28 record, 22-15 at home, with excellent 0.8 win margin. I also think Dodgers are a risky proposition where single run games have turned against them over the course of last 10 games.


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