Saturday, April 02, 2011

MLB Sunday

Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals

Watched quite a bit of Spring Baseball, but good thing I didn't lay money on them cuz I was tagging the wrong teams. That's spring where late inning are like playing the blind. Moving on, it Baseball season in full swing. Taking a play from one of the very old school playbook which is to back the ace of past several season who commands favorable money line against a comer of a pitcher at home. You may think decline is in the card for Tim Hudson who is pitching agelessly, even his spring appearance was flawless, with his Braves looking very much like the Braves of yester years. I do not doubt Atlanta's contention this year. Nats at home is very under estimated. Maybe enough for Washington to find the holes, but Hudson in early going looking very much in form is enough to back the re surging Atlanta Braves


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