Friday, June 03, 2011

MLB Saturday

O.K. back to taking down winner with Atlanta taking care of business.

Looking at Saturday I'm going with the game in Cinci. Yes sir, Dodgers and the Red Machine. Reds continue their quest to the top and they are impressive with Cueto on the mound. Cueto pitching 2.13 ERA at home with 1.02 WHIP, 4 out 5 game quality start. Not only that, but Reds bull pen in recent games have been lights out with 0.79 ERA in last 7 games with 1.06 WHIP in last 7 games. 60% winners at home and highly productive with 18-9-3 O/U so how is Dodgers going to counter? Klayton Kershaw 6-3 on the hill for the Dodgers and he is the top money pitcher for L.A. Despite this spot is a down turn situation coming after a complete home game shut out against Florida and there are plenty of angles against L.A. I keep recalling the fact Dodgers bring their best game against the Reds. But rather than choosing sides Kershaw 16-10-1 O/U away in a spot to regress and the Dodgers to break out after a shut out. Reds are natural Over team at Great American Ballpark so we go against good pitching and that spells OVER.


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