Saturday, April 07, 2012

MLB Sunday

Sunday baseball is baseball. Where else should you be but a baseball field somewhere on a sunny Sunday afternoon? Why not ponder what will unfold? Be amazed and sit at the edge of your seat? For that 3 hours or there about forget all your worries, count every pitch, watch every move and get caught up in the game.
I like the Royals today at Anaheim Angels. They looked better over the past two games. Don't forget Ervin Santana on April 2, 2011 in Kansas City pitching the Angels Opener. Santana came out of that game with a ND, but Angels went on to lose that game, Jepsen gave up 2 runs at bottom of 8th, 5-4 and Santana's season went on to 11-12 with 33 starts. That was a demise from 17-10 in 33 starts in 2010. Santana's support was lacking in 2011 April, attributed to 3 starts Angels lost by a single run, and Santana finished April 2011 going 1-3. This is also combined with poor September showing which is something you don't want to see in a pitcher your backing.
Jonathan Sanchez in his first appearance as a Royal. He is on a bounce back year with limited appearance last season, went on DL in late June with left biceps tendinitis, though he try to hide it, and there was control struggles leading to that point. There was also Zito coming back from DL at the same time Giants were growing short on Sanchez. Is he better than Santana here? As the line indicates Sanchez is questionable, he even got hit during Spring Training, but can't really judge him as a Royal just yet as you can with Santana as an Angel. Royals has given Santana troubles, de ja vu to the Halos Opening series.

KANSAS CITY ROYALS +157 for 1 unit(W)

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