Sunday, August 26, 2012

MLB Daily Picks

Hey Everybody,
I want to welcome some new viewers. The MLB season is going into it's final stretch, but plenty of games left to take more winners. Matter of fact baseball wagering takes a little dip around this time of the year with money migrating to NFL, but don't take your eyes off the bases Boston is down shifting out of the race, the Dodgers cranked up their offense,  implications are many, but only one will make it to the top.

I didn't pick the late game with Atlanta at SFG. both with similar record, because I like Hudson going for Atlanta, but I think the Giants are the hot team at home and basically cancelled out this game. Maybe the Giants will win, but in order to manage your games my philosophy is to narrow your choices. Give it your best shot and if it doesn't come through you live to fight another day. The beauty of this game is that the choice is yours. If it doesn't look just right don't buy it

7-1 Atlanta. Hudson did bring his "A"game and the win was a big margin, but did I miss a opportunity?  I don't think so it just means I'm still on hot money.

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