Sunday, September 02, 2012

MLB Sunday

80-57 +27,920

New York Mets at Miami Marlins
This game will feature NY losing pitcher Chris Young, 3-7 with NY 4-11, going against Mark Buehrie 12-11 with Miami 13-13 logged twice the innings as Young with 166 coming in hot. Buehrie has 3 winners in a row declining ERA and WHIP. Mark pitching this season Miami winners have come in successions he only has one isolated win all the rest are clustered.  He has yet to lose the 4th game in a row and facing Chris Young looks like a good thing for Buehrie  and the Marlins. Chris Young coming off a non quality rare Mets win has given up 5 runs or more 4 times out of last 10, 6 recorded losses and Mets have lost 8 out 10. But if there is chance for the Mets with Chris it's more likely on the road. Young is also in a bounce back spot after allowing 5 runs or more and Mets are playing good ball winning 6 out of last 7. Looking for Mark Buehrie to take a step back. after pitching less then 6 innings. Taking the road dog with New York.

NEW YORK METS + 133 for 1 unit(W)
*Mets Alternate Run Line -1.5 at +205 for 0.5 units(W)
Mets 5-1 that's +2.355 unit gain for the day.  

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