Thursday, September 13, 2012

MLB Thursday

85-59 +31,435

Oakland A's at Los Angeles Angels
Sorry folks didn't have time for a write up this morning. 

OAKLAND A's at +136 for 1 unit(L)

Both teams were putting up zero's, but the Angels exploded in the 7th.

We have a rare double wager on tonight's late game.

St Louis Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers
Are you getting that sinking feeling in L.A.? The Dodgers have 3 losses in a row it's 6 losses out of last 7. The fans maybe worried, but St Louis has done just the same 6 losses out of last 7. Lance Lynn is back filling in for Jake Westbrook. He was removed from the rotation back in Aug, but his record stands at 13-5 with the Cards going 17-8 the problem is he lost a lot of mustard quality starts declined and runs are coming in. Lynn's game has under performed on the road. Josh Beckett looking much better as a Dodger will look to snap the Dodgers skid. Beckett in a spot to improve and Dodgers are the play.

LOS ANGELES DODGERS -116 for 1 unit(L)

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