Monday, October 29, 2012

MLB Season 2012 is done

Giants win the World Series. Just like 20 of the 23 teams that lost 3 straight games Detroit Tigers make it 21 out of 24 teams to get swept. Thanks for following along.  It's been a great handicapping season as we have won 7-2 in post season gaining 6,720 and 98-65 regular season gaining 41,505 for total winnings of 48,225, didn't quite get to 50K, but not bad for  7 months of work. Just because baseball season is ending doesn't mean it time for vacation  Football season is under way. NHL is in holding pattern and I'll be switching over to NBA at as the hard court will kick off on Halloween.
Looking forward to seeing all of you court side

How much did we make again? Cool 48,225 match sticks !

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