Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MLB Tuesday

6-6 +590

Kind of moving sideways, but adjustments will occur accordingly.  Don't panic or make irrational move, like trying to double up, because that's what gamblers do. Play the percentages and the unit size should reflect about 3% to 5% of your bankroll, could be smaller if your roll is large, and stay focused on the games.

Arizona Diamondbacks at New York Yankees
It\s interleague game and I"m not a fan of these games. Today I'll make a exception with red hot Arizona making a visit to the Bronx.  Yanks picked up pace on the road, came home and won the Baltimore series on the third game. NY won the Baltimore series with their pitching and once again the bats have cooled. Tdoay with Nova taking the mound Yankees are coming around the bottom of their rotation where they have had problems. Arizona will send may have started slow, but is a known quality pitcher.with success in AL while with Oakland.  Backing Arizona.


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