Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wild Card Wednesday

S.F. Giants at Pittsburgh Pirates
This is getting good. That AL wildcard game last night was out of sight. I can't believe Kansas City winning it, but that's the game. This NL wildcard game has two teams with 88 wins. The Pirates sending Edinson Volquez who is emerging post season pitcher against San Francisco Ace Madison Bumgarner. The Pirates have the match up edge at home, but we have Bumgarner on a spot to improve. Volquez  may not implode, but can't see him continuing this high level pitching. Bumgarner better away at 11-4 with 15 quality out of 18.  Volquez is a home pitcher at 8-5 with 12 quality out of 17.  Both very good, but Giants are bit better.

S.F. GIANTS -109 for 1 uniti(W)

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