Monday, June 27, 2016

MLB Monday

4-1 +3310

L.A. Dodgers at Pittsburgh Pirates
The Pirates have dominated the Dodgers for quite awhile. You can go back three seasons and it continues this season. We're looking at 4 game sweep of winning record holder, 41-36,  Dodgers by under .500 losing record holder, 37-39,  Pirates.  L.A. before this series had 6 games win streak going so they were not slumping. Sweeps are hard to come by and sweeping a winning team is tougher yet. Now the Pirates are making this task a little harder by sending a losing pitcher to the mound, Francisco Liriano 4-7, Lariano is coming off a game where he gave up no home runs, which usually means he's going to give it up here. The Dodger need to regain their poise. Liriano starting the Pirates have lost 7 out of last 8. Dodgers are 11-6 in day games.

L.A. Dodgers +117 at 1 unit(W)
Sorry guys, today's post was few minutes late. If you missed the window drop me a line and I'll give you a comp play.

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