Thursday, October 02, 2008


1-0 in Post Season.

I say something nice about Chicago and it looks like both are in trouble. White Sox are on the road so there's some excuse there, but how about them Cubs. Can the Dodgers end Chicago's dream? I'm not going to doubt it.

Two games in slate for Friday, White Sox at Rays and Boston at Anaheim, on first glance it looks Over at Tampa and Under at Anaheim, but that's just me most people see sides I see totals.

Considering inconceivable sides with White Sox and Boston of these two teams I think Boston away with Dice K taking the mound has the best value to risk. Santana is great no doubt and his maturity bring another element to a big game, but this situation with Boston taking back seat to Angels all year only to have them come strong is typical Red Sox playing October baseball. These two team play similar games where both teams used to play on the opposite spectrum, but shed or added players changing their dynamics. There is a edge to Red Sox showing better numbers with runner in scoring position playing the road dog.

RED SOX +130 for 1 unit(W)

Thank you Drew!
1-0 +1.30 units

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