Tuesday, September 09, 2008

MLB Tuesday

Wow September 9th already. 0-1 in last selection. YTD 81-61-2 +41.46 units

I'm having issues with MatchBook exchange and it's really putting a damper on capping my games and getting info published. I like to think it's a isolated incident, but they are just dragging to resolve it and it's getting on my nerves. I will make noise if this keeps up.
Like I tell anyone who listen, keep multiple books and limit exposure because if any of these books go belly up you'll end up holding a empty bag. It doesn't matter how cheap they sell it if it doesn't work. When the exodus starts it will be swift.

I'd advise having 3 Off Shore accounts without affiliation. You can get more, but any less makes it really hard to get competitive rates and if you go more than 5 accounts you better be good at organizing. I'm not as close with Pinnacle Sports since they pulled out of U.S. , but they are still the top book around. I'm also going to give good house seal to BookMaker they are the open line where you can gauge the market and play'em big. Another choice is Greek or Bet Jamaica, they are affiliated, Both very good and for MLB Bet Jamaica has competitive lines, bonus programs and great BetJamaica transfer card allowing to pull money from ATM. Do your own research and don't forget to look at Sportsbook Review.

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