Saturday, October 03, 2009

MLB Saturday

Late season games at it's best. Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers on slate tonight with 16 game winner Jorge De LaRosa pitching against young Clayton Kershaw. As many L.A. faithfuls gave high fives when Dodgers crushed the Nationals to start their road trip back on 9/22 that's all history it's all gone down hill from there, 2-6, dropping the series in Pittsburgh who Dodgers have owned forever and getting swept in San Diego with no offense in sight. Back to L.A. with Wolf also failed and now it's very interesting. Clayton was brilliant in first half, but this is a different pitcher on the mound who is win less in last 10 starts, Dodgers only cashed 1 ND, and now under 50% quality at home. Rockies come to play with De La Rosa on the mound winning 20 games behind him. He's also the Rockies top money pitcher with 69% money away. How can you blame me for taking this dog.


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