Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Years

2010 you'd better come out like a Tiger!

Hey Handicappers allow me to give a toast. To another great year regardless of our State's economy. Let our skills and knowledge guide our destiny. Live long and Prosper.

It's a quiet evening at my house on this New Years Day. It was a beautiful day with L.A. sunset painting the Pacific ocean. Air was clear and crisp sunny December day.
You get good visions on days like this with little peace and quiet. I took a drive down town. Businesses closed on New Years Day the place had rid of all the hustle and bustle of a normal Friday. It felt festive with live music and streets were filled with downtown residents and tourists roaming around. What a perfect day to clear your mind. I came home and went 3-0 in NBA.

It'll be awhile before the Baseball get active, but I wanted to make a entry today. If you've stumble across this blog you might want to read on even if you don't understand what I'm writing about our goal is to make MONEY. Not some kind of sales or ponze scheme you don't need to buy anything.

Consider Sports wagering as to Commodities Future market. You have a given period of time when the price is dictated by supply and demand. You can take actual position and adjust changes during the given time. There is no limit to the upside and loss is limited by what you supply. The point is I consider it high risk high return investment. But as with all investment you need to do your home work. The old rule still applies...If it's too good to be true... you know?
It's not for everyone, there are fly by night outfits and there are dark tales of addiction. But the bottom line for people in this Business is they make money. If you're a working person getting beat by the economy and your money's not making any meaningful return and you thought about all those wonderful 'make millions from home' deals. Take this advise from someone on the inside. Open a off shore account starting at minimum $2000 and you want to limit your position to about 5% or less.
If you want to see how you would do simulating your investment, there are sites like, by using live odds noting picks and recording wins and losses. If you choose to log it yourself start with a bankroll of 100K and 1% as 1 unit. Look at your daily sports page and you shouldn't have to read corner from corner much of it is useless. Go through the off shore odds, form opinion and pick sides or total. If you follow sports daily it shouldn't take long to form your opinion don't spend hours and hours. I also wouldn't recommend you sitting around watching & listening to games all day. It will isolate you from others and you'll get nothing done. I do enjoy watching games, but I don't sit through 5 games in one day. Sometimes your money is locked in and there's nothing you can do, but the important thing is to balance your perspective and keep in mind that it's a investment not action on game to get you all hopped up. Stay cool and make your money work. That's what we're all about.