Sunday, May 06, 2012

MLB Sunday

(14-6 +9.740)
Hey gang took another Saturday off after that heartbreaking loss to Detroit.  Should of play'd Sox again they took sweet revenge with a 2 run 9th of their own.

Texas Rangers at Cleveland Indians.

The Indians are a good team, 14-11, and unit for unit show good return for your money. Not only that they are making money on RL which is always a good sign.  All this because Cleveland wins many games as Underdogs. Their recent games will show they won the White Sox series on the road and Angels series at home before that. They knotted up this series with Texas, had that late rally to tie the game last night, before losing in extra inning and Sunday is the rubber match!
Again the Indians will remain Underdogs on home field, pretty good size dog at that, sending Ubaldo Jimenez to the mound. Opposing will be the Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish, I understand his father is Iranian, who is turning into top money pitcher for Texas. As much as Cleveland has made for their backers Jimenez has been bleeding red. Ubaldo is laboring with too many pitches and he was blasted for 8 hits, 7 runs in 4 2/3 innings, throwing 105 pitches against the White Sox (5/01) Kansas City knocked him around before that. Neither of those teams are offensively powerful as the Texas Rangers. I won't totally discredit Jimenez I can imagine Ubaldo improving against a tough opponent here and he has shown ability to bounce back in the past, but Darvish will give no margin for error with recent improving pitching 0.85 ERA & 1.02 WHIP  He has a live arm. From his scouting report he has 4 seamer, 2 seamer, slurve, curve, splitter and shutto (shutto is supposed to move down and in to right handed batter has greater velocity than a reverse slider). From what I've observed he has impressive movement on that ball and it's been against Toronto, New York and Detroit he's kept quiet. Now Ubaldo bouncing back after the stinker for 6 inning or even 7 innings of work maybe, but taking down Texas? That's a tall order for Jimenez and the Indians today.  More likely Texas Rangers will easily take this game

TEXAS RANGER -154 to win 1 unit(L)
TEXAS RANGER RL +105 wagering 1 unit(L)
That was a blow! How good was Jimenez? He shut down the Rangers and Texas did not score until he was gone.

Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals
Going Phillies backing Hammels over Jimmermann. No sweeping Phillies.

Didn't have much time for a write up and it's all hindsight, but winner is a winner. It wasn't even close.

Yeah it was a "blow it" game with Texas today. I'm thinking of fading them tomorrow with Baltimore rolling. You know the O's share the same win loss record with Texas. The difference, Texas is on decline and Baltimore is on the rise.

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