Monday, June 04, 2012

MLB Monday

(33-23 +12,070)
Yeah, couldn't get online again. I would of done it from my phone if I was talented enough to do it. Knowing your limit is important no?  We got a day game peeps!

Chicago Cubs at San Francisco Giants
The Giants have one fine pitcher going up on the mound, Ryan Volgelsong 3 wins 2 losses and the Giants are 6-3, second in money won with 8 quality starts out of 9 all 5 quality starts at home. The problem is no run support. Opponents are beating SF in low scoring games with Volgelsong on the mound. I suppose the Cubs 6-20 on the road is not much to fear, but when Jeff Samardzija goes to work the Cubs are 7-3. This being a 4 game sweep situation I will have to take the Cubs to salvage one. Milwaukee almost swept the 4 game series, but the Cubs beat Zack Greinke and the Brew crew to salvage that series. Besides it's not like the Giants are blowing Chicago out of the water. The Cubs looking to break their 10 game road loss against one of the Giants best pitcher. Maybe the RL is what should be played, but taking the ML for a little extra value.


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