Saturday, June 16, 2012

MLB Saturday

(37-29 +11,080)
Philadephia Phillies at Toronto Blue Jays
Cliff Lee is definitely in the running for the top performing losing pitcher. Chicago's Ryan Dempster turned it around in June and Washington's Jordan Jimmermann gives the Nationals winning record, but Cliff Lee has 1.05 WHIP with over 70 innings of work. 7 out of his 10 starts have been quality and the results have been squat. Phillies have only 3 wins to show for 10 games capped by Lee's last start at Baltimore blowing 4-1 lead in a gut wrenching moose job for the Phillies backers, they paid -140 for the added pain. Now 5 days later another game on the road, don't forget Jason Hammel for the O's was not the caliber of Lee yet a winning pitcher, Lee will face Ricky Romero, Toronto's top winning pitcher, again not the caliber of Lee. Romero sporting 1.32 WHIP which has been on the rise with most recent 7 starts it's 1.59 WHIP and his games have gone Over 10 out 12 games 1 push. This madness is over due for an end. 17 game winner from last season pitching as he has and Phillies offense, aside from last night, scored better than 4 runs in 6 of their last 7 games. This road game seems ripe for Lee and the Phillies to knot it up in Toronto giving the battle tested warrior his well deserved win and a shut out revenge. At least that scenario would read like a made for TV drama, but I think you follow a trend. Not  Lee and Phillies losing games against inferior winning pitchers, but also the timing of these losses in majority was a loss of momentum in previous game. The loss carry over has plagued Philadelphia meaning isolated loss are few and far between. In the last 20 games there have been two games when Phillies were able to go W-L-W and have yet to stop a single loss so far in June. Toronto on the other hand .594 after a win currently 5 wins 5 losses in last 10 much better than 3 wins 7 losses in last 10 for Philadelphia;p. I do think Lee will improve from his last appearance to have a quality game, but it may not be enough again. Romero also likely to improve and this may even buck the OVER trend with a low Total number in AL ball park.. I'm still waiting on line improvement, but definitely looking to take  the Blue Jays.

TORONTO BLUE JAYS +100 for 1 unit(W)

Can you say "de ja vu" That's scary.

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