Wednesday, April 01, 2015

MLB 2015

Players! We are near starting and teams are making their final tune up. We passed on Spring Training games, but we're watching them like hawks. Right now the teams on top of odds are L.A. Dodgers, Washington Nationals, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago Cubs, Maybe the last two doesn't belong as 14-1 odds. Out of this group Nationals looks strong, but we prefer the second tier group with Seattle at 15-1, St Louis Cardinals at 18-1, third tier teams Oakland A's at 26-1 and Mets at 30-1.

In the NL East the Nationals are overwhelming favorite. The numbers will show bias holding value to go against them on situation plays. Met's at preseason stage looks like a good underdog play, keeps your eyes on this team.

Similarly N.L. West has L.A. Dodgers as the favorite and they will also be a good team to go against. S.F. Giants has dropped down in odds significantly and they will be a team to watch, but the other teams, San Diego, Arizona and Colorado will come into choice plays. We like the Padres out of the three.

We'll catch up with the rest. Keep your eyes on the money ball.

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