Tuesday, November 03, 2009

World Series Game 6

Back for game 6. Phillies stays alive and here we are back in New York. Andy Pettitte top MLB playoff pitcher on record. No losses this season 3 wins out of 4 starts. He will make his 5th appearance repeating 2003 feat. Second against the Phillies first time resulted in first playoff non quality start giving up 4 runs on 5 hits in 6 inning, giving up 2 homers. It didn't matter with Yankees scoring 8 Andy got the win. Pedro Martinez knows the Yankees well he's kept his poise and hitter off base. Last start at Yankee stadium 3 runs on 3 hits going 6 inning, he too gave up 2 long balls. Too bad Phillies had only 1 run to support making Pedro the loser.
So tale of two veteran pitchers with different outcome come together. We have a lot of power at the plate and 2 games have gone over in a row. This one falls Under with Andy in bounce back spot and Pedro to keep rolling. I'm not sure if Phillies will force game 7, but I do think the score will fall Under.

PHL/NYY UNDER 9 at -101 from Pinnaclesports

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Series Game #2

Game #1 pitchers battle plays out with Cliff Lee going 9 with no earned run looking sharp taking out the meat of Yankees line up. It was pretty close, but late inning was all Phillies. On game #2 Pedro Martinez against AJ Burnette. Reminds me of old Yankees Stadium when Pedro wore a Red Sox uniform as visitors and the crowd jeered "Who's your Daddy!". That was wild, how long ago was that? I haven't made a visit to the new Yankee Stadium, but the Bronx crowd is not going to change.
AJ got hit by the Angels in his last post season appearance and Pedro is coming off a very good outing so Phillies on short dog seems reasonable, but AJ at home is where he performs. Take the Yanks to put the series back to square.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NLCS Game #4

Freeway World Series? That notion is melting like ice on scotch. Is there any flicker, any sign at all for one of these L.A. team to keep playing? I'd like to think so Dodgers are due up, do or die, with their best post season pitcher Vicente Padilla. He's pitching aggressive staying ahead and winning games. Dodgers have won all three October starts last game Vicente went toe to toe with Pedro for 7 inning 4 hit 1 run ND. 4 quality start out of last 7 with 4-0 record Dodgers have won 6-1. Cole Hamel stopped his losses against the Dodgers, but it wasn't like cutting butter. He gave up 2 HRs going 5.3 inning 8 hits 4 runs. Cole has only 2 quality start out of last 7 with record of 3-3, Phillies have 3-4 record. So Dodgers have a shot here! They were right there in last game they will sent this series back to L.A....I'd like to think so, but I ain't playing that. I will go against the losing team coming off a blown save playing on the road. Head to head match up in Philadelphia in recent season is undisputable and Phillies have got to the Dodgers twice, when their starting pitcher was rocked and when trailing late. I'd say there's good chance this comes to finish in the city of Brotherly Love. The consideration for possible elimination and strength of Padilla's road start will go to the Under.

PHL -136

Monday, October 19, 2009

MLB Monday

ALCS Yankees at Angels Game #3
New York sits in a Cat Bird Seat and send veteran Andy Pettitte who has been a long time regular in post season appearance. More importantly for New York Andy wins many of them. Outstanding on the road and he will keep those base runners honest with one of the best pick off move in the Majors. It also neutralizes one aspect of Angels weapon. Andy will also face Angels in offensive slump with surging LOB number and runs becoming a rarity. Yanks aren't hitting all that great either, but they are winning 2-0 in best of 7 series that puts all the pressure on Angels. Does the road dog Yankees look tempting? Before you lick your chops Angels starter Jered Weaver has shown his nasty side and it is very prone at home. The other is Angels home field and head to head match up in Anaheim all back by strong numbers for the Halos. The most compelling is still the Under and conditions looks good for this trend to extend today.

Andy Pettitte 11 quality start out of 17 away with excellent team record 12-5. 2-2 last 5 Total 1-4 O/U. Away games O/U 4-11, against the West 1-3, as a Underdog 1-3-1, in Day games 2-6-1.
Last start at Minnesota went 6.3 inning 3 hit 1 run with 1 BB and 7 SO.
Jered Weaver 13 quality start out of 17 home with just as good team record 12-5. 1-4 last 5 Total 0-5 O/U. Home games 6-9-2, Last home start went 6 inning 6 hits 2 runs with 3BB and 1 SO. Numbers may not be as pronounced as Pettitte, but WHIP is stingy 1.06 for Jered at home. Yankees 5 straight Under, Angels 4 Under out of 5.
NYY/LAA UNDER 8.5 at 100(L)

Jorge Posada routine line drive keeps going for a HR in late inning?

Friday, October 16, 2009

ALCS Friday

Finally the line has moved and mind as well wait for the closing minute to take the visiting Angels. It just doesn't sit right when NYY this high on public list and C.C. get's lower than normal ML at home.

LAA +167(L)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

MLB Playoff Saturday

Dodgers are tough at home and they proved it against their nemesis St Louis Cardinals who in past 100 match ups won 62%. Looking at more recent samples last 14 head to head in St Louis is better than 78% amazing number reflecting domination. Cardinals are backed into a corner do or die and La Russa will pull no punches. Piniero goes for the home team in crucial game 3. He's getting some bad media write up with losses mounting since September, but able to get 6+ inning in 5 out of last 7 and home WHIP 1.093 last faced the Dodger in July 29th going 8 inng pitchers duel against Kershaw giving up 1 run, striking out 7 in No Decision, Cardinals victory 3-2. He was ND Cardinal loss in last start against Milwaukee Oct 4, but likely spot to improve and should produce good number of ground outs. Dodgers will start Vincent Padilla who has paid dividends and wins on the road. Although Padilla's last 7 starts have resulted 6 Dodgers wins he's pitched quality in only 2 out of last 7 and his road WHIP of 1.260 has ballooned to 1.400 in last 3. He's providing around 5 inning and not tested outside of NL West, except Washington with ND gave up 4 runs in 5 inning, and lately not inducing grunders entering hostile territory. Pretty tall order for Dodgers to sweep St Louis, but that's what I'm going to back with wagering public over whelming St Louis. Despite the odds and opinion Cardinals will pay dearly for game 2 that got away. Padilla does not shoulder the weight he doesn't need to go further than 5 with L.A. bull pen not giving an inch. You know the Dodgers have outscored their opponents early to the tune of 121-54

LAD +153(W)

Dodgers roll!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

MLB Post Season Friday

Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees
Now that division series hangover has eased maybe Twins will make a game of this? But what's the excuse for 7 other losses handed by the Yanks. You know the cliche post season is a whole new animal so along with perfect losing season, Yanks home wins, past post season wins all get a wash? I'm not basing anything on match up intangibles Yankees are clear favorite, but will they win Friday? Blackburn is coming in very much improved with contracting WHIP from 1.091 last 7 to 0.905 last 3 compared to Burnett's WHIP which has climbed to 1.488 last 7. Burnett pitched against Twins twice this season 1 win 1 ND both 1 run games both when Minnesota was still mediocre. Blackburn went against Yankees once ND at Bronx going deep and had the Twins right in there. That might not be enough, but good enough to take Twins +1.5

Taking Under as well with Burnett home O/U 5-11, against AL Central 1-5, Blackburn away 3-13-1, against AL East 1-3-1, against RH starter 7-13-1. Last 15 Twins match up in New York 4-8-3.

MINNESOTA +1.5 at +130(W)

MIN/NYY UNDER 10 at +100(W)

Good night

MLB Playoff Thursday

Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Anaheim is a tough place for opposition and head to head home team holds definate edge. Angles 49-32 home. They are also returning big 37-17 against LH starter with 22.5% ROI 26-17 against AL East with 22% ROI. The problem is John Lackey 42% at home 7 quality out of 13 with Angels 6-7 losing 2 ND's 4 quality out of last 7 with 3-1, team record 4-3 reflecting ND to Loss at 3:1 clip.

Red Sox are solid and built for Post Season. If any weakness are found maybe 39-42 away, 13-21 vs American League West, but Jon Lester is the top money pitcher for Boston. 13 quality out of 18 road starts, 6 quality out of last 7, 17-6 against RH starter with 18 quality starts and 22-8 as favorites with 21 quality. I will take Boston to steal one and take the Total Under.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

MLB Saturday

Late season games at it's best. Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers on slate tonight with 16 game winner Jorge De LaRosa pitching against young Clayton Kershaw. As many L.A. faithfuls gave high fives when Dodgers crushed the Nationals to start their road trip back on 9/22 that's all history it's all gone down hill from there, 2-6, dropping the series in Pittsburgh who Dodgers have owned forever and getting swept in San Diego with no offense in sight. Back to L.A. with Wolf also failed and now it's very interesting. Clayton was brilliant in first half, but this is a different pitcher on the mound who is win less in last 10 starts, Dodgers only cashed 1 ND, and now under 50% quality at home. Rockies come to play with De La Rosa on the mound winning 20 games behind him. He's also the Rockies top money pitcher with 69% money away. How can you blame me for taking this dog.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MLB Wednesday

Florida Marlins at Atlanta Braves. Considering Braves position and Javier Vazquez's impressive September pitching you have to go with Bravos here, right? Ricky Nolasco is ok, but over matched, last 7 starts 3-1 with Marlins failing his ND's 3-4, facing Atlanta line up beating opponents by nearly 3 runs in last 7 games. It's understandable to pay the price or give the runline, but if you follow the backers profit you'll see Javier despite his 2.83 ERA and 1.02 WHIP has accumulated zero, little below zero. where Ricky has banked. Marlins have done more than ok when Ricky starts the game on the road at 10-6. Take the dog money.


If you didn't see it check out the game wrap. This was a give me.

Monday, September 21, 2009

MLB Monday

Andy Pettitte and the NY Yankees at Anaheim matched up with best in the West. Angels at home winning 62% 44-27, against the East 62% 25-15 and kills lefty starters 68% 32-15. Head to head Angels 2 seasons is 11-6 and at home 8-1. Joe Saunders (13-7) 5-1-1 last 7 and he has been money. Angels crushing Texas in final of series and extend their lead comes home with offense heating up. Yankees failed to take Seattle series with this tougher opponent coming up. All this said I like the Yanks tonight. Andy Pettitte has excelled away and he is 8-2, Yankees 11-3, his last 7 is 4-0 with NY 6-1 while Joe Saunders 13-7, Angels 17--11 has been winning at home, but home or away lacks quality. Joe has his games, but it's not consistent enough and I don't see the Yankees line up being forgiving.

Taking NY Yankees -104(L)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

MLB Saturday

September 19
MLB Saturday
Big Bad Penny wearing a Giants uniform makes his way back to the scene circa 2006. The former Dodger, Red Sox reject, is once again looking like a warrior in NL bringing 3 straight quality starts all wins including one against the Dodgers at the Bay. Here we go for round two.

NL West division rivals are all at each other except San Diego at Pittsburgh. Rockies has lost it's grip on the road and for the Giants playing the Los Angeles series will need to win it if not win it all.

First game both teams nearly emptied everything they had and it was pretty tight until Billingsley entered as a reliever. Chad now moved out of the rotation which will most likely benefit the Dodgers for now. Jon Garland, ex-Diamondback, will get this spot and Jon has not lost as a Dodger, 2 wins and 1 ND, looks like a must watch, but many will sit out on taking stake. I'll play the Dodgers in L.A 60% winners at home, 64% winners against division while Giants are 43% away, 45% under dog and 50% against division. Plus looking at how much pitchers both teams burned last night that's going to hurt Giants more than Dodgers.


Rockies on the ropes at sea level. Started on road winning game 1 at San Diego, but it's been down hill from there going 1-6. Jason Hammel get the ball and he has been quality of late, but again Rox mirror two opposite side at home and away with Jason on the mound.
Max 9-9 with Snakes 15-13, winner at home 6-4, team 9-5, and that's what I'll take.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MLB Tuesday

Today I like John Lackey and the Angels matching up with Daisuke Matsuzaka in Fenway.
I understand it's Fenway in September, but it's also Lackey in September and Dice K is a long shot. Maybe not a long shot he does get the big pay check, but I'll go with what's now and no one is leading the way like John Lackey is for the Angels. Can't say the same about Dice man.

Angels -118 for 1 unit(L)

Monday, September 14, 2009

MLB Monday

Wandy Rodriguez has been pitching well he's 13-9 and Astros are 18-11. Wandy has been quality 4 out of last 5 breezing through 7 inning with only 85 pitches in his last start. Astros also playing winning ball 7 out of last 10 going tonight in Cincy the Reds are 1-6 in last 7, has not scored more than 4 runs except once in that span, scored 4 once and five times 3 runs or less it looks all good for the visitors, but that nice record by Wandy holds true at home not away. His most recent 4 road trips have resulted in loss or ND leading to Astros loss. Bronson Arroyo going for the Reds and deserves much better than current record. Tonight the Reds are back home coming off 2 consecutive 10 hit games maybe Arroyo gets his much needed run support. Play against Houston away with Cincinnati home dog.

REDS +118(W)

Friday, September 11, 2009

MLB Friday

Twins are back home for 9 and surely there's a sense of urgency, isn't there? The window of opportunity hasn't completely trade Clayton Mortensen. He debut with St Louis back on 6/29 vs the Giants who promptly pounded him for 6 runs in 3 relief innings of work. Clayton debut with A's on 8/8 vs KC 8 runs in 4 inngs of work. Match up record in Minnesota where A's are 2-11 going back to 2006 there's not much expected today. Nick Blackburn getting his game in order at home he's 6-3 with team record of 8-5 only thing your pondering is taking -1.5 RL or laying the juice. The problem with taking Twins at this price with a losing pitcher, however improved, and uninspired games is asking for some hurting. A's with their losing record has the better money record and isn't that what we're after.

A's +191(W)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

MLB Thursday

Los Angeles Angels is the team to beat in AL West and they got Texas hot on their heels. Backers are fairly comfortable with Iron man Big John Lackey taking the mound against Ryan Rowland Smith and Seattle Mariners. Why not when Anaheim has been tough on visiting opponents Halos taking 60% of home games at 41-26.
John Lackey coming off a impressive pitchers dual in KC going 9 innings allowing 1 run. He has been quality 5 out of last 7 starts. On Mariners side Rowland Smith has 3 quality starts in a row also 5 out of last 7 and Mariners have played the Angels toe to toe this season 10-9, of those games 8 with one run difference. Are we in for another tight pitching low scoring game? I don't like tonight's pitching spot. Lackey's last 7 with 5 quality starts Angels logged 3-4, he's logged 333 pitches in last 3 and his backers are losing money 12-10 team record not enough to cover the juice. Seattle's Rowland Smith went 8 innings in last start scattered 4 with 3 ER looked good, but away games are going Over and he's thrown 327 pitches in last 3. This is a likely regression spot for one or both pitchers and the Total is 8. Angel Compos behind the plate has a pretty good strike zone, but he's averaging 9 runs. L.A. is nearly 59% Over at home and facing LHP is 57% Over


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

MLB Wednesday

The new Yankee stadium has been referred as a home run friendly park and the Bronx Bombers certainly fit the bill especially in AL, but that kind of label also drives the O/U Total toward public perception bringing the Yanks home 0/U record to 31-34. You know the Rays are playing Under to the tune of 0/U 29-40 away from Trop, 11-22 as Underdogs and Jeff Neimann (12-5) has been lowering his WHIP down to 1.08 in last 7 starts. New York's Joba Chamberlin is no doubt pitching Over, but he did blank Tampa in 8 innings of work. Chamberlin's only thrown 190 pitches in last three starts combine a generous strike zone from Fieldin Culbreth and take the UNDER 10.

TAM/NYY UNDER 10 at -110 for 1 unit

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dog Days of Summer Saturday MLB Pick

Can't keep me away too long. There's a quiet battle going on shadowed by Yanks at Red Sox. The game is SF Giants at Colorado Rockies. Keep your eyes on two teams playing the hot track. Giants take round one with Rox losing more than the game. They lost key pitcher Aaron Cook. Now they'll send Jorge De La Rosa 135.2 innings of work with excellent results, 8-1 for last 10 and Rockies winning 9 of 10. Tonight Jorge comes in with 20K's in last 13.1 innings over 2 games this is out of his norm. He also threw too many pitches and benefited from strong offense.
The other side is Joe Martines who is lacking seasonal data and he does labor on the mound showed his most effective start against the Mets. The out come looks closer than indicated by the odds and these two Over trending pitchers will get Bill Miller with O/U 8-17

SF GIANTS +188 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.00 unit

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MLB Monday

I have some interest in Chicago Cubs today facing the visiting World Champions Philadelphia Phillies. Purely a pitching speculation, but I think Harden will out do Happ. Keep in mind it's just a thought this match up on paper says Phillies and Happ will take the game, but odds makers are pointing to the Cubs. The problem is the risk of Phillies comeback in late inning. Take the short game.

CUBS First 5 innings*(PUSH)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mid Summer Baseball

Don't you guys love it. When hot lazy days under the shade calls for boys of summer to take the field that familiar sound of Rawling in the air. Snap of the leather, crack of the bat it take you back to a place and time only you remember. Maybe in Birmingham, Tulsa, Albuquerque or somewhere where there's a field and young men with dreams of MLB. I will be watching, following and wishing you well.

Catch me on the flip side.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

MLB Sunday

Mariners at Texas
Ian Snell was a bust as a Pirate before the trade to Seattle this season. I don't know but, sometimes your not happy where your at and it shows on your performance. Let's give some credit to 4 quality out of last 5 and showed ability to bounce back from poor outing. Keeping good pitch count per inning giving up no HR's has been the key. He's not going to mow them down and the pen should get some play time. Feldman for Texas has been doing it all season, but I see him as a road warrior with less impact at home. Doesn't mean he can't get the job done I just like these two team to end below the Total. Both teams tops in AL West Under's. Here we go.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

MLB Saturday

New York Mets at Houston Astros.
Mets are sending Jon Niese making his sixth appearance. I remember reading about Niese making improvements in the Minor, but I also recall the chance of him coming up was good as a full lunar eclipse. How things change with few pitchers going down and it does look like a case of hot pitcher getting the call. However Mets are reeling on the road and one big motive operendi is surging Astros in the 2nd half.

HOUSTON -130 for 1 unit

Friday, July 24, 2009

MLB Friday

Sometimes there are too many rainy days. Aaron Harang with 121 innings completed throwing 104 K's to 29 BB's is having those rainy days. The pride of San Diego State has regressed since going 16-6 two seasons ago and has not recorded a W since 5/25, that's 11 starts ago. Consecutive starts going 7 innings or better has not happened since 6/4 & 6/10 meaning 7th innings of performance has been followed by a declined outing. He does keep the Reds in striking range as indicated by the team record of 9-11, but when Cincy takes the road Aaron is 1-6 with team record of 3-7 with loss margin of 1.6 runs. Cubs will take the home field with Randy Wells on the mound. At 5-4 record & 7-6 team record seems unassuming, but he is progressing. From 6/21 to 7/6 he strung 4 wins in a row all quality starts. He has 5 wins in last 6 starts with excellent run support comes to play 4-1 under the sun.

CUBS -146 for 1 unit(W)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MLB Wednesday

I feel tonight's going to be a good night. Coming into to late season form St Louis Cardinals come to play at Minute Maid park. You know Houston will be toasting in blazing Texas sun, but the game will come in climate controlled park with funny angles and center field mound with a pole. Keeping in mind Redbirds are reeling, but will put their faith in Chris Carpenter (8-3, 2.26 ERA & 0.88 WHIP) undefeated in July looking very much the Ace. On the home front Roy Oswalt (6-4, 3.65 ERA & 1.18 WHIP) coming off a 1 run complete game and also undefeated in July. This match up dictates the low 7.5 total dropping to 7 though the pitchers do not trend strongly the teams do.

UNDER 7.5 at -110 for 1 unit(W)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

MLB Sunday

Looking at Cards at Reds I see very similar teams, but Cards hold the pedigree. All eyes will be casted on Carpenter match up against Arroyo. Now Bronson has been terrible to this point Carpenter's failure are rare and seen as anomaly. So how do I break it down? Chris Carpenter was touched up by the Giants last Tuesday and most likely Chris will come ready to play. As La Russa said Giant's didn't give up contact for six runs, but they hit some well placed balls. The trend is Carpenter as good as he is he's given up at least 3 runs in 4 out of 5 starts meaning his dominance is cooling. Bronson Arroyo made no secrets about having offseason surgery to repair the carpal tunnel injury in his right wrist, but he's been working on cortisone shot and claims it's been pretty good. 6 runs he gave up the first 3 runs are tied into error throw to First, but he did give up a back to back home runs, one to Dan Harren the opposing pitcher. Anyway both pitchers are in a spot to improve and the books hung a 7.5 total which quickly drove up to 8. We are looking at Sunday baseball under the Sun, it's cloudy in Cincinnati, at he Great American Ballpark and even with pitchers improving the number looks a bit low for this hitter friendly ball park. I agree with the direction of this Total and recommend taking OVER the current Total of 8.

OVER 8 at -110 for 1 unit(W)

It was one sided, but I'll take it! 0-1 +1.00 unit

Saturday, June 27, 2009

MLB Saturday

Shairon Martis starting for Washington Nationals is coming off a loss against Toronto and his team has strung 5 losses in a row with Martis on the job. He is lacking quality outing only logging one in four June games. His last win was 5/13@SFG and last team win was 5/24 BAL. Things look pretty gloom for Nationals on the road against O's, but let me list some positives. Martis out of 14 games started 11 was Underdog and all six of his quality starts came in Underdog situation with Nats going 5-6 and 50% against Righty. Another indicator is his game leading to a quality has come after a rocky outing just as his last one. On the O Birds home mound Jeremy Guthrie will take the ball and despite having 5 quality starts out of last 7 the O's are only 2-5. Overall Guthrie's starts have yeild 5-10 record absolutely burning backers money. Allow me to take the good size road dog on Martis turn around spot.


0-1 -1.00 unit

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MLB Wednesday

Matt Garza SP for Tampa is often said to have the best stuff in the Rays rotation, but as current records indicate he is average ERA of 3.83 with record of 4-5. When Matt takes the ball Rays have 6-8 record. He does have winning edge at home 3-2 with team record of 5-3. Does that earn -170 ML? The Odds makers have been on the mark. Most recent big number was against the Nats at home 6/12 at -250 ND Rays win. Before that was -191 home against A's 5/21 ND Rays win. 5/16 was home against Indians -175 recorded win, 5/5 Baltimore at home -184 recorded win. So he/Rays has been tough at home laying the number. Rays are also good in closing out games. Except Rays have some problems with Phillies dating back to last World Series and what happened last night? 10-1 not exactly a revenge battle? This spot is looking very tempting to take the road dog when the dog is the best road team in the Majors and Blanton 4-3 is also a road warrior with 3 of the 4 wins coming away, but don't cast judgement on Matt Garza based on what Pierce gave up. Joe Blanton has logged 3 ND in a row longest of this season and given up HR's in every June start. I think Joe will be good today, but Tampa holds late inning edge. Like I said the ML dog is tempting, but if you must choose sides take the +1.5 runs. I will take the play on Under as both pitchers are poised to improve and Rays power outage holds advantage over sides.

UNDER 9 at +103 for 1 unit(W)

That was a bit interesting towards the end 1-0 +1.03 units

Saturday, June 20, 2009

MLB Saturday

Is Johan Santana OK? You have to ask yourself before pulling the trigger on Tampa Bay at New York Mets. Maybe your looking at stats see Tampa's James Shields having hard time on the road (1-3 and team 1-5 away) against Santana's stellar 5-1 home record. Mets are also 8 games above .500 at home vs Tampa 14-22 away. But coming back to my first question is Johan Santana OK? He's got off track 2 starts ago and last one against the Yanks was a doozy. The money has been going toward the Mets and I'm not convinced of Santana's shape. Shields still eating innings and Rays pen has been good.

TAMPA +116 for 1 unit(W)

Johan back on his game, but James is bringing it too. We have a pitchers battle and this one might get called with this delay lasting any longer. It'll be too bad because true to Santana's form the long ball was launched by Pena giving the Rays 2-1 lead. We are in a delay in the 8th.

Maybe try another.
New York Yankees at Florida Marlins.
A.J. Burnett against Josh Johnson I like both of these pitchers and this season a big fan of JJ. The big righty has compiled 98 innings going 6-1. 2.76 ERA which improves to 3-1, 2.02 ERA at home. With JJ working on the mound the Fish are 11-3 an impeccable record. The visiting Yanks with A.J. Burnett is a force to reckon with they disposed Johan Santana and the mets by score of 15-0 the last time. A.J. is a warrior, but maybe not in the same groove as JJ with 5-3 record and Yanks going 8-5. On the road Yanks have gone 3-3. I like the Fish here, but I'm going to roll with the UNDER with this Interleague game being played at National League park and although A.J. has been involved in some high scoring games it's not because off A.J. Yankees also trending Under. Marlins play Over at home, but I'll take exception with Jeff kellogg behind the plate with a generous strike zone.

NYY/TAMP UNDER 8 at -105 for 1 unit(W)

There you go 2-0 +2.16 units

Monday, June 15, 2009

MLB Monday

If your having some late thoughts on Baseball you should know money has pushed Cleveland Indians at home and Los Angeles Angels visiting San Fransisco Bay. That's it a small card and a quiet night after the Lakers win NBA Championship. Kind of like sports wagering intermission "We will return after a day of rest" is the sign posted. Hell with that! Big John Lacky and the Halos are playing at the Bay. Zito and the G-Men will need to force Angels hands and get Lacky out the game. Rooting for the home team at the Stick, yeah it's some telephone company name on the stadium sign, but to me it's still the STICK.

SFG +119 for 1 unit(L)
LAA/SFG OVER 8.5 for 1 unit(W)

MIL/CLE OVER 9.5 for 1 unit(W)

2-1 +2.00 units

Friday, June 12, 2009

MLB Saturday

Inter league games are different animal. Tigers at Pittsburgh. Armando Galarraga 3-6, 5.19 ERA coming off 3 consecutive quality games pitching 20.2 innings. Armando is a hard luck pitcher who's lacking a win since April 26th nine games ago, but last game in No Decision Tigers picked up a win. Pirates will send Zack Duke 6-4 with 3.07 ERA and tough at home, 4-2 with 2.66 ERA. Zack did not have it in his last game @ATL 6/8 going 6 innings giving up 11 hits and 6 runs, not since April 19th did he give up double digit hits funny thing is that was against Atlanta too. This game by virtue of pitching match up and Pirates being simply under estimated at home makes Pittsburgh a interesting thought. The line has gone exactly that way towards Pirates from opening while Detroit is the slight public favorite. So do you take the sharp move with home team? I'm not doing that here. Detroit Tigers 6th in MLB money team takes Bucs who are above .500 at home. I'd rather take the money line dogs and sinking Under

DETROIT TIGERS +102 for 1 unit(L)
UNDER 9 for -108 for 1 unit(L)

0-2 -2.08 units

Thursday, June 11, 2009

MLB Thursday

Kansas City Royals are playing at Jacob, no it's Progressive Field, sending Zack Greinke, 8-2 with 1.55 ERA. This righty stud has completed 87 innings with a stingy WHIP 0.97 his last game 6/05 @TOR was a rare non-quality start after stringing 9 consecutive quality games and first game to give up 2 HR's, matter of fact he had not given any homer up to that point, all in all a off game. Majority will agree he should be back on his game today. On the flip side home town Cleveland Indians with Jeremy Sowers, 1-3 in 25 innings 5.40 ERA that's 5 tries the lone win comes as a relief appearance 5/25 against Tampa, but he did throw quality last time 6/06 @ CHW in a losing game. Obviously KC will have the pitching advantage, but Sowers improvements are under estimated compared to Zack's success not always getting wins, 1-3 last 4 & 2-4 last 6. Zack's strength is also at home and his schedule has missed most road games so far. Royals themselves are 10-18 away. Since the start of this road trip 6/02 Royals have played 8 games and won 2. I'll look for another hard luck game for Zack and the Royals.

CLEVELAND INDIANS +122 for 1 unit(W)

Yeah Baby! Talk about hard luck Royals. The ball flattened a low-flying gull in the 10th inning and rolled past Kansas City's center fielder and Mark DeRosa scored from second base to give the Cleveland Indians a 4-3 win over the Royals on Thursday night.

1-0 +1.22 units

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

MLB Wednesday

Sup everyone? Have you noticed Randy Johnson, the Big Unit, is rarely referred to as the "Big" Unit anymore? He's just the Unit, is that discrediting to his largeness? Or how about the Under Dog status he receives today against the Nats. The meek, pesky Nats and the young gun Jordan Zimmermann will look to delay Randy Johnson's historical 300th win. Can't blame the school of "Not on the first try" theory. If I'm not mistaken only 4 members of the exclusive 300 club did it on the first try. But you know the outcome doesn't equate to Giants losing.

SF GIANTS +121 for 1 unit(PPD)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

MLB Friday

Wow the week flew by and it's already Friday! That's alright it's going to be a busy weekend as usual. Hey the Dodgers are still rolling. They started hot last year and first half is going great this year. Billingsly coming off a 5 run game I expect better in this spot. Lilly is pitching well too and coming off a 5 run game which likely will improve at home. So can we take the Under.


1-0 +1.00 unit

Monday, May 25, 2009

MLB Monday

Being in L.A. I followed the Freeway series and what a series it was. Nail biter all the way and you know the Angels took the series, but they exhausted their pitching. Look what happened with Ervin Santana getting clobbered when the pen is hurting. Now on to game 2 at the Big A with Sando getting the call pitching against Bartolo Colon who stuggled mightily against Minnesota and has not gone more than 5 all May. Last recorded win was 4/28. Still Angel pitching is depleted and I can not pass +170 in this spot. Also these low number Totals are just getting crushed Over by the Angels not to mention White sox with their limited Over the record is O/U 5-2 when at 8 or 8.5 on the road. Take the early Total and steal the Moneyline as Angels are the big public play.

*Keep in mind this is a game wiht live wagering available at various Books. Which means chances of profit taking during game is always a option.

CHICAGO WHITE SOX +177 for 1 unit(W)
ANGELS/WHITE SOX OVER 8.5 at -105 for 1 unit(L)

1-1 +0.72 units

Friday, May 22, 2009

MLB Interleague "The Freeway Series"

I have no love for the interleague games, but taking a shot with the winningest team in the Majors who happen to also be the best at home.

LOS ANGELES DODGERS -120 for 1 unit(L)

So many chances to cash this in and Dodgers could not answer.

0-1 -1.20 units

Thursday, May 14, 2009

MLB Friday

Philadelphia (J. Blanton) at Washington (J. Lannan)
Following the games with certain expectations produce surprises, but some of the most obvious are the one's you never see coming. Washington Nationals are playing decent ball, above the expectation, coming off a road trip 4-4 Western road trip, 6-5 May. Philadelphia on the other hand is playing below expectation dropping two series at home, 2-4 last 6 at home all losses by more than -1.5 and Blanton pitching has strung 2 losses sporting 6.82 ERA & 1.60 WHIP. How will they compete against lefty Lannan who has logged 7 games 3.89 ERA and much better 1.86 ERA at home? I think the rise of Washington to fall of Philadelphia has brought misdirection to today's game and if it's the history holds true nature will correct itself. Joe Blanton 3-0 in most recent match up against Nats and Phil's are 63% at Washingon.

PHILADELPHIA -105 for 1 unit(W)

Cincinnati Reds (A. Harang) at San Diego Padres (K. Corriea)
Reds and Pads are another two teams heading into different directions, but San Diego was anticipated to be bad and there wasn't much covering that fact. Pads line up is hitting .221 right & .209 left and their pen has been heavily taxed facing one of MLB's best road team. Kevin Corriea coming off a quality outing, but ND in Pad loss. Wins have eluded Kevin and all 3 home starts are ND's, but Pads are 2-1. Aaron Harang eating up innings and taking down batters 2.93 ERA in all games. San Diego native should have no probs at Petco.

Reds -118 for 1 unit(L)

1-1 -0.18 units

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MLB Wednesday

St Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates
Pinero vs Ohlendorf
Bucks regressed on the road, but St Louis is also falling. It's just most view Cards to recover and Pirates continue to fall. That perception is a misguided thinking. Bucks on the road is a contrast to what's been happening at home and they've already got a win on their first game back from the road. Why not ride the home dog.

PIRATES +108 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.08 units

Thursday, May 07, 2009

MLB Thursday

Running short n time today. Playing Texas Rangers at Oakland A's listing pitchers McCarthy vs Cahill. I will take the Oakland A's with ML being very tight and pitching looks to give contact in the day game. I'm suspecting A's strike first and Texas will play catch up. A's should have late game advantage and will be bit chilly.

OAKLAND A'S FIRST 5 INNINGS +103 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.03 units

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

MLB Wednesday

Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox.
Galarraga vs Buehrie
This game in the south side has White Sox written all over. Not because of returning Jermaine Dye and Josh Fields for offensive improvement, not because of Tigers, Armando Galarraga, sliding a tad with 26.80 ERA, but most of all because Mark Buehrle showing he's still has the stuff making him one of the most winningest home pitcher in modern time.

CHICAGO WHITE SOX -103 for 1 unit(PPD)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

MLB Thursday

San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers. Early division battles continue with Dodgers returning to the ravine after playing 1 under .500 on the road and splitting the West, (COL 2-1 series win, SFG 1-2 series loss). Dodgers sporting almost a 4 more runs and perfect at home will return on a short hop giving L.A -145 home fav status. J. McDonald will take the mound with 1-1 record, 2-1 team record, 7.72 ERA. He is coming off a win at Colorado, but there are no quality start and has yet to go beyond 5 innings. Padres coming from Colorado (1-2 series loss) Geer filling in for Shawn Hill is coming off a excellent start and if he can come near what he did San Diego should have a fighting chance. I'm going to say the starting pitchers don't factor into this outcome and normally skimpy Total is up to 9, but I think it's reachable and late scoring has been plentiful.

SDP/LAD OVER 9 -118 for 1 unit

Monday, April 27, 2009

MLB Monday

Check out Pittsburgh 11-7 with top ERA in baseball. I know most are not holding their breathes and these games are going under the radar. Tonight the Bucs make a trip to Milwaukee where the Brewers are 2-4 with 8-10 overall. Their less than impressive record is actually a reflection of a team coming out of a slow start. Milwaukee coming home after taking 2 out of 3 series beating Houston and Philadelphia going 5-4, but 4-1 in last 5. Brandon Looper taking the mound for Brew crew is starting out nicely in 17 innings, 3 starts 2-0 record with Brewers winning all three. Pittsburgh will counter with Jeff Karstens who has the least innings of all Pirates starters and might be considered the weak link, but he too is coming off a win. The big factor making the Brewers a big favorite is their 12 game straight win against Pittsburgh. Matter of fact Milwaukee has lost 1 game out of last 15 against the Bucs. That kind of stuff will stay in your mind, but the odds are stacked too high and Bucs are playing good ball. It's still April I'll take the value.

PITTSBURGH PIRATES ML +183 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.00 units

Saturday, April 25, 2009

MLB Saturday

Milwaukee at Houston. Brewers are cooking with 3 wins and they are playing .500 ball on the road. Starters, outside of Parra's last start, have completed 6 innings or more. Last night's win Yovani Gallardo coming off a complete game leaving Brewers pen well rested. Testament to their resent pitching and defense this road trip has given up 2 runs or less in 5 out of 7 games, O/U 1-6 & W/L 5-2, which is all good. On the other side, the home team Houston Astros, who are 6-11, 4-7 at home, so far and they are not hitting. I normally give you the take on pitching, but I'd play action here.


1-0 +1.10 units

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MLB Thursday

Tigers in the South land is on the prowl and the Halos are grasping for help. Angels, the top contender in AL West, are very much in need of Arms and today will be no different. Pitching has gone dry and Tigers will feast.

DET Run Line -1.5 +120 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.00 unit

Saturday, April 18, 2009

MLB Saturday

Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees. F. Carmona vs C. Wang. Both pitchers are floundering and Wang has not looked well in a long time. Thus today we have a high end total at 10.5 which many will see it as a reasonable score to reach. But early numbers suggest over compensation and I'm not saying pitchers are going to be in mid season form I think the number is too high.

CLE/NYY UNDER 10.5 at -105 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.05 units

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MLB Tuesday

Yanks got killed at tropicana yesterday. It's only April, but people sure are talking about AL champs winning at home. I'm sure they will be pretty good, I don't disagree, but AL East as always is no cake walk and AJ taking the mound will not falter easily.

NYY +112 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.12 units

Friday, April 10, 2009

MLB Friday

SF Giants at SD Padres.
Barry Zito's back on the mound for the G-men. Considering his rough 2008 and his first NL year 2007 you might sense the value here. I mean 10-17 record was the worst in his 9 years of majors. Coming from Oakland A's in 2007 he definitely looked like a bad buy for the Giants (11-13) and things took a turn for the worst in 2008. But 2009 model Zito is a bit different and one stat I look for a dip is the WHIP combined with little scoring and Zito outing should be much better. Shawn Hill is also a value pick up for the Pads. Released by Nationals and making a spot rotation for San Diego. There's a lot riding for Shawn to earn his right for the rotation and he is a sinker baller which I favor, but I look for Giants to break through and Zito to pitch in form.

GIANTS +112 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.00 unit

Nick Adenhart

Nick Adenhart's unexpected passing is tragic to say the least. I can't tell you much about the kid, but I do know he was the product from Williamsport, MD. on the fast track this year. Debut in the Bigs May 1, 2008 and logged three starts with 9.00 ERA. He showed growth in spring training and got the call with injury riddled starters. It was a promising 2009 start against Oakland at home going 6 innings 7 hits no runs who would of known that would of been his last day on this earth. Taken at such young age he will not be forgotten RIP.

Monday, April 06, 2009

MLB Opening Day 2009

Opening day! Let's go out to Pet Co Park where Jake Peavy will take the mound. Padres are supposed to be coming up for fire sale soon and there are tons of negative talk. Opposing visitors, L.A. Dodgers, are supposed to take the division by storm. But Kuroda on opening day tells me they are lacking quality arm. Don't get me wrong Kuroda has come through last season, but he's no big secret and Japanese imports have dipped in their second year. Taking the underestimated Padres with proven ace Peavy.

SAN DIEGO PADRES -120 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.20 units

Thursday, April 02, 2009

MLB Thursday

Angels at Dodgers

Halos at the revine -117 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.17 units

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Final Tune up Wednesday

Colorado Rockies at Kansas City Royals

Royals -113 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.00 unit

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cactus League Tuesday

This is a good match up LAA at CUBS.
Line has held steady, but I'll give the boys from Mesa the advantage. WS implications? Maybe top contenders. Should be fun.

CUBS -102 for 1 unit(L)

Milwaukee Brewers at San Diego Padres
Brewers to take this contest at the sports complex.

MIL +102 for 1 unit(L)

0-2 -2.02 units

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunday Baseball

What a bad call on friday. I'm going to give some thought on Sunday's game, Saturday is all done, and see if there's any early advantage. It's not all that early since the lines have been out for few hours, but early enough most players are not locked into any games yet.

Diamondbacks will feature their regulars on Sunday hosting the White Sox. The Sox scheduled to start Danks making the trip Fields, Chris Getz, Dewayne Wise, Brian Anderson and Jerry Owens are just some of the players making the trip to face D-backs starter Doug Davis.

ZONA -113 for 2 units(L)
0-1 -2.26 units

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Lucky Day

Holy shit! I just been alerted by my astrologer about my upcoming "lucky" day where I will triple my wealth. This will be one of my 3 dramatic life altering moments and I best be ready. The time is closing in and I need to act now. The instructions proceed to explain I am to call Dick at the given number, last name Head, and for a incredibly low price of $99.95 I will get the exact angle for this moment. Absolute lock guaranteed and if by some far fetch chance it doesn't work out my other 2 "lucky" days in my life are FREE....

I live by the words of Rolling Stones "You can't always get what you want" and that's the truth, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.

OAKLAND A's at Phoenix muni taking on the visiting Padres. I'll take that home advantage. I think Peavy is going for Padres which may move this Moneyline. I'm going to watch for movement.

OAK at -114 1 unit(L)

Peavy too strong! 0-1 -1.14 units

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cactus League Thursday

Sup? Took a winner on hardwood last night and looking forward to Royal vs Mariners at Peoria Sports Complex. Ponson vs Felix I'll take Seattle.

SEATTLE -110 for 1 unit(W)

9th inning comeback for the home team. Already feels like summer.

1-0 +1.00 unit

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cactus League Monday

Chicago Cubs will ride to Papago Park today to face Dana Eveland and the Oakland A's.
Cubs got 3 straight wins

CUBS at -102 for 1 unit(W)

1-0 +1.00 unit

Sunday, March 22, 2009


World Baseball Classic didn't get much coverage in U.S. and couldn't really tell you how it's doing overseas, but with March Madness peaking, NBA & NHL coming to shape and U.S.A. full of missing players are not a champion caliber team. Today the expectation is high and Oz takes the mound against the Bostonian Japanese Dice K. This should be a good one and honestly I like Oz over Dice K, but Japanese hold WBC in higher respect in contrast to U.S.A.

Team Japan +100 for 1 unit(W)

It was the best play on whole board!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cactus League Friday

Chicago White Sox at San Diego Padres
Padres are back to full squad and they are showing good at bat. Taking Pads at home against the long traveling White Sox.

Padres -107 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.07 units

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cactus League Thursday

San Diego Padres at Milwaukee Brewers
Brewers are strong at home today.

MIL -112 for 2 units(Push)

WTF Jeff Suppan?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

MLB Spring Thursday Game

WBC will come into play, but play it like nothings happening as far as MLB is concerned. Anybody else surprised by Seattle? They moved out some key players like Putz, Ibanez, Green etc..., also missing Ichiro and Jojima to WBC, got bunch of new faces and they have not lost this far. The game is Angels against Mariners at Peoria sports complex. Angels enter the spring light with Tex gone to Yankees, Garrett to Braves, Vlad on DL and so is Mathews. The tendencies with Halos is not to show too much to their division foes. Lackey having pitched in last game new faces will likely get a spot. Going with M's to keep the streak alive.

SEATTLE MARINERS -105 for 1 unit(L)

0-1 -1.05 units

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spring Baseball

SFG at Kansas City Royals
Royals -111(W)

Tampa Bay Rays at SLC
Rays +108(W)

Milwaukee Brewers at SDP
Brewers +100(W)
Just getting warmed up!
2-1 +2.00 units

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baseball in the Desert

Back to AZ. Dodgers and Rox at Electric park.
Going with Rox today.

COLORADO -107 for 2 units(L)
White Sox looked bad. Going against them at Mesa against the Cubs

CHICAGO CUBS -119 for 3 units(W)

1-1 +0.86 units

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back at the Desert

Yeah baby the lines are up! I'm watching the Cactus league close, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about the Grapefruit league.

Like the Pirates today playing the Braves. Bucs spring home at McKechnie Field in Brandenton, FL. is a long ride from Kissimee and I know Bucs could still come out short, but Braves don't exactly strike fear this early.


0-1 -1.00 unit

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring 2009

I'm a little late in reporting in this season, but all is well in Phoenix. Dodgers are the new addition to town and it's really becoming a bonanza of baseball teams concentrated in such close proximity. There is a bit of distraction with WBC going on, but that's ok the game is the American past time, smell of cut grass, the warming rays of desert sun and the best chance to get up close to these teams that will win you money so make sure your getting your homework done.

First let's get out to Diablo Stadium in Tempe where the Angels will take on the visiting White Sox.
I like the Angels on their home field against the retooled White Sox.

Didn't have a line, not on my accounts, but getting ready!